Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Stuck

You know those times in life that you actually love where are and are truely happy?

Everything just seems like its turning out the way you wanted and the things that are bad or wrong in your life you've managed to turn them into good things or get passed them.

It's funny how one sentence TOTALLY FUCKS it up.

I've had it with other ppl interupting or fucking it up. But in this case I can not prevent it.

Ppl that really know me know that I don't allow things/objects/ppl or anything stop me from what I really want. The ONLY consideration I give is how it affects the ppl that mean the most to me. If it don't hurt them or I could honestly truely know that its for the better of all the people involved then there is no stopping me. If I cant move it, go around it, go under it, or climb above it. Well then damn it all to hell I will go through it and if you step up to try to alter my course.. well lets just say you might as well not bother as I've always found away.

There are only 3 times in the 30yrs of my life so far that I've not taken the way or ways I've found. Only 3 times where I've given in. Said to myself ok none of the options or paths or choices what ever they may be are not worth taking. That the pain or the altered course that I have to endure or take is for the best even if it don't feel like it. Even if I can't know the outcome with certainty. Someone I truely value told me when I was young. "It's not what happens to you in life, but how you react to it that determines the outcome."

Cecil going into the military was one of them. I could have no doubt honestly kept to the, if you go to basic I'm gone. But seeing that tear in him the fist time I just casually said it.. I couldn't do that, not to him.

So all that big huge binder with all the plans for the wedding in the garden in OKC went in the trash. The thousands of MY money spent on deposits and other full purchases for the wedding of my dreams gone with it. I went to school at 7am got out at 1pm went to work at 2pm. Until I went back to school at 5pm for an hr. And after that class was over it was back to work until 11pm or 1 am. Only to do it all over again the next day to earn that money. But that night he told us all I realized I didnt care how much I worked for it. All I wanted was him. So in the trash it went and the friends that helped me plan it well honestly some thought I was plain nuts. Then I felt hey its a good thing I didn't sit down and do those invitations with him yet. But I still do appreciate the work and money a few ppl helped me with.

Then of course with those idiot military doctors. And those idiot back doctors. Fine I cant have more kids theres ways around that. Not the end of the world. Ya, it chokes me up but whatever. Being in pain everyday to a certain lvl ok. Hell with as much as I've been through and had to deal with as a child thats nothing. I knew I'd have good days and bad days. But I had not 1 lawyer but many go over it all. I know the figure I could have gotten. Logically, I could have made it enough to cover my life long medical condition. But to know that if I did Cecil would come home very hurt and unhappy because if I did they'd kick him out.

Ppl that have known me for say longer then 15yrs know what a Bitch I can be. 1 man's feelings would have never stopped me. But I knew since that night we went to OU and to park and at 6am I knew if I had died right then and there it would all be worth it because I had at that time never been happier in my entire life.

Which brings me to the third. The NOW. The stuck.

Option 1 Cecil passes up Korea, almost garenteeing that his next assignment will be even worse, more dangerous, ect...

Option 2 He goes for the yr alone. Someone will have to mow the yard. Because of the cyst in my hand I'm not allowed to or it will come back. Cant even use a controller that vibrates for that matter. And yes for my dirty minded friends that includes what your thinking as well. Shame on you. Or is it shame on me cuz I know you too well? Not only that, if my back doctor got wind of that he'd kick my ass along with my main doctor. Well if he got wind of living alone for a yr with 2 little kids he'd do so much worse. It wouldn't suprise me one bit that he'd require me to have oh whats it called.. where a nurse comes and checks on you once a day or every few days? Which would get back to those nasty military forms and they'd check the lil box sealing Cecil being kicked out of the military which forces option 3. Gotta be really careful there. Damn good thing my biological side of the family dont know who I see cuz I know I can't truely trust them to not go fuck up my life just because they could. Which is why I've seen to it they do not know any of such important information. And you know what for those of them I know read this and dislike that fact TOO DAMN BAD FOR YOU. If it wasn't for your childish, backstabbing, hurtful shit you've pulled in the past then maybe you'd be trusted with well any thing cuz I you know I don't trust you with anything. I've learned that lesson long ago. So don't call me bitching at me about it. You've more then earned the place you have in my life and you know it.

Regarding the kids. well if my back is acting up no way could I get them to and from school. I still havn't learned or figured out away to do that for the days I can't walk or the days I can barely walk. If they are at school and I can't get to them well that is what nana's n papa's and aunt's and uncle's are for as Cecil tells me. The school thing however and the kids missing days here and there I can deal with. I've always been able to bend the rules when it comes to the school system as long as its not a finance office I'm dealing with. I know I can get them to work something out there. As far as the days I'm not able to cook I've got this AWESOME chinese resturant that I LOVE that will bring it right to my door. Because I will not order pizza to be delivered. Ya. its a personal thing and some may understand it and some wont.

Option 3 get out of the military. and to some ppl you may that is an easy task. But since I was a child I've seen what hardships that brings to both men and women regardless if they are single, married, and/or have kids. And well any shot of proving these dumb ass retarded specialist doctors wrong will also go out the window. And because of my back it's going triple those problems and I would no doubt be dead with in a yr with out the care from the doctors. And the doctors I see now are not those retarded cracker jack lisenced ones in the military. You do not want know what 1 office visit runs for me. And the option to sue them for what they did I am pretty certain is out the window by now. I don't know what the limitations on that are.

Option 4 we try to sell this house and go to korea for 2 yrs. which would mean we'd have to take out loans to fix the foundation and a few other small yet highly costly things. In a matter of a few short months of which one of those we'll have to deal with no power due to oklahoma''s stupid ice storms and OG&E refuseing to fix the problem of these 6 houses always loseing power because of them or even hell heavy winds so we'd have any hope of renting or selling the house.. with the chance of the renters changing their minds or it just flat out not sell for what we'd have to have it sell for in order to keep clothes on our backs and food in our tummies. As a child/teen I've been there and swore no matter what I'd have to endure or do I'd NEVER risk my kids having to through that. So that's off the table for that reason alone.

Option 5 We cave to the fact even though I dislike the term I can medically and legally be considered disabled in the military's POV. Ok yes I am but it's only to a point and I wont let those stupid morons be right about it. So for that reason I find it hard to check that little box so it makes it so Cecil can't be deployed to long, to far, and make it so we'd never go anywhere there is not a military facility or a facility who has an agreement with the military to treat me. Hey, that don't sound half bad right? Wrong... the minute that box gets checked guess what.. soon as its processed the next thing that gets processed his Cecil's one way ticket out of the military. Which is no different then option 3.

I've racked my mind as much as I can. I can't think anymore. I can't see anymore paths. And to me and I already know to Cecil as well although I know he'd do which ever I chose, that the path of MOST resistance is the path we are going to forced to take. He's just going to have to go to Korea for a yr. He's going to hate it. The kids are going to hate it. They are going to hate him and hell I already hate him atm. You can tell me until your blue in the face that with everything we've had to face in the last almost 10yrs we've been together that we our relationship could survive anything. But truth be told I've seen what this tour does to couples. The ones that stay together and make it are the ones that would rather honestly be apart from each other. The ones that crash and burn are the ones that are connected to each other heart and soul because its just too damn hard on both parties which turns to one or both being pissed off and hurt even more and that turns to pure hate. And then no matter what, when it reaches that point I havnt seen one couple turn that back around and its over. So it terriffies me to no end.

But unless someone can up with a better option, I'm just stuck rolling the dice and what will be will be and and in a yr and a half the odds are not in our favor that we'll be together at the end of it. And at this moment I really want to just stop time to reverse it and to have never herd that one sentence. But I know I cant.

And ya Jon dear I know what you say but after all thats gone on I just don't, not anymore. It's what WE make of it. Not what we just shrug away and pretend someone or something else will come around and just make everything ok.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things and CRY more designers packing it in.

Well my laptop has officially met its match. It has too much trouble loading almost anyweb page with all the updates and new technology all these sites use now. We can't afford, well it isn't logical for us to spend $2,500 to buy a laptop to do what and have what I need it to do. I have to go and find all my stitching programs and see if its compatable with the new windows 7. But for the price of a desktop with what I need in it, a desk, and the deskchair I could have bout 2 of everything and still been around $600 under what it would cost for a laptop to do the same. =( So ya not logical to replace my laptop. I have to learn to use a desktop and just typeing on such a large keyboard is a pita!! But it works and I'll learn but will be aggravated with it for awhile. And until I can find my stitching programs I'll be even more pissed at the fact that my 5yr old laptop that kept up so wonderfully til the middle of this yr that technology finally surpassed it. =(

And yet again I'm sad to see another designer close her door. If we keep losing 1 designer a month whats going to happen? I'm starting to wonder when the rest will go. Will we end up with nothing to stitch and gawk at or drool over? Who's next?! Come on designers stick with us lots of ppl need you n love you and your just giving up!!! WTF come one now fight it ='(

PLEASE!!!! Turn them comps back on get them needles going again. ='( Bah childrens books. Retiring, unable to afford it.. I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR EXCUSSES IF YOU ASKED FOR HELP I BET A TON OF US STITCHERS WOULD DO WHAT EVER WE COULD TO HELP.


cry ='(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stitching pics Incudeing a update pic of Iris, Quilt pics, halloween pics, and an update.

Here are a few pics.

The first one is of Braydens I love my Mummy halloween piece. I didn't manage to finish it b4 halloween with all that was going on but I don't have too much left to go on it. With all the special glow in the dark threads after halloween he was ok with me putting it aside for a little bit to take a break.

Then there is Iris. I only took her back out after a very long time of her being put away on Weds. But I nearly got a page done from weds-fri.

There is a pic of the Kids b4 we went out for halloween. There are more in its own little photo album on my multiply site. Also lots of new pics of the pics in new albums of both the kids. Kalista poseing in some new clothes V sent her. Some.. well ok some isn't the right word. haha. She posed with all the clothes and there was something like 130 pics in all. I only uploaded 20. And then another album of Brayden poseing and the kids playing with dad. I won't upload all those into the blog though so if you want to see them you'll have to look at my Multiply albums.

The last picture of a hour glass quilt pattern. I went to sleep one day and got the crazy feeling of making a quilt that looked like candy useing the hour glass pattern. Hobby Lobby was having a sale a few weeks later and I couldn't shake the feeling and found the red candy cane and peppermint fabric and Knew I just had to make it. When I was on the way out either I called DH to let him know I was on the way home or he called me. Anyway, he was oh only 3 kinds of fabric at 2 yrds a piece. That dont seem like alot why not buy some more since it is 50% off. HAHA bad bad thing to say to me in Hobby Lobby! They had this cupcake christmas fabric so I picked out more fabric to go with it for Kalista. And of course if I'm to make her one Brayden will have to have one too so I bought more fabric for that one. This was months ago when I started but had to stop working on if because of my back. I work on it on the days my back is being very very nice to me. Today happend to be one of those days.

We went to the mall today with MIL, BIL, SIL, DH, and the kids. It was alot of fun and had lunch there. MIL took us to the Godiva shop they had there. Ok Took SIL and me and the boys took the kids to the bookstore. And we had these little edable chocolate baskets with fruit. Mine was dark chocolate with 2 blueberries, a blackberry, and a raspberry. Gotta say it, MHMMMMMMM.

I picked up new copies of the Ink Heart and InkSpell books. I need Ink Death still but the only copy they had was $25 and well that isn't equal the cost of what the other 2 books combined ran. So it'll have to wait.

They had a copy of City of Ember, the one with all 3 Ember books in one. I've been looking for it since I saw the movie as I want to find out in the other 3 books what happens to the kids after the movie!! But the binding was broken! So i turned it and the book I found that had some drink stained pages to the manager b4 we left the store.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween exchange, LK update, and stitching update

Kita stitched this piece and sent it in the halloween exchange. I was having an ok day and took some fabric I had on hand and sewn it into a wall hanging. I'm still not finished closing it up just yet. Should be by tonight if I'm lucky.

And I got the last chart for the LK Boo club in the mail from an angel who also sent me 2 things of fabby a light purple and and med purple. They are SOOO PRETTY. Sorry I have them put up already or I'd take pics. I have to get my boy from school and just don't have the time to do that atm. I can't wait to get back to work on it. MUAAA

Also since I sewn this up both kids want their halloween pieces I was going to put on trick or treat totes they want sewn up to hang on their walls. I'm ok with that. At least they will last alot longer that way. I'm still trying to finish up my Boy's. My girls is the halloween piece with lil witch girl somewhere in my finishes. Its been done for awhile but my sons has all this glow in the dark threads and they are a pita to work with. So it got worked on and put down and I've done alot on it since I picked it up the end of september. I'll finish the stitching b4 halloween if my back allows but I don't think I'll get it sewn up in time. But they said they dont care as long as I let them keep it on their walls even though halloween is over haha!!

OMG. Its illegal and they smell... and on the other hand if I report it it will for certain cause problems

I LOVE animals. And for about a yr now off and on the front of our house smells like cat shit. The first time I smelled it I thought wow damn our litter boxes need an extra change as we have 4 INSIDE cats. And then started to notice as the days go by the kittens. A few wks after that DH was talking to the neighbor next door and found out she had another litter of kittens. Surely I thought there was confusion and it was the same litter. Now the white truck the drive way is in is not my nieghbors yard but the yard next to it. our neighbors yard. well let me just take a picture..

ok the bottom picture you see that big bush.. ya no. That pic was taken from my front door behind that mass of bushes and trees is an old lady's house!! An ENTIRE HOUSE! And in the pic you can see the house next to it with the white truck. That's only a 3rd of the cats in these pictures! This women has at least 3 dozen cats. We live in the city and the law is 4 pets per household. I am sick of the smell of them and the smell from her house! But calling animal control with the amount of cats she has theyd get put to sleep based on how much room the shelter has for them. And 2ndly this women is LOVED by the neighbors. They all grew up and bought the surrounding homes. All our neighbors lived here when they were kids and grew up with this women. So Calling animal controll would cause real issues too. I just dont know what to do!! Normally you only see like 2 or 3 at a time. This time some were in this drive way, some in the drive way with the white truck and some on the empty lot on the other side of this womens house as well. Guess I should have taken a picture of all 3 spots. But OMG!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

life long reoccuring medical problems really suck

Well first it doesn't seem to matter what it is. From illness to injury it sucks.

First there is the who do you talk to if you have a bad day or bad week or bad month? Who do ask to help when you just simply cant keep up? The people that you love and love you back? Why? So they take pity on you which is the best case. Because if they truely love you it hurts them too emotionally on some level not only that but if they have to take time off work juggling things around. I know I've been on the other side with different ppl i love having several different kinds of cancer to back issue's.

And hell my Grandma May. She and i wrote every month most of the time 2 or 3 times a month. She had Breast Cancer for years refused treatment and locked herself away from family. She to knew it then. Then all of a sudden she's dead and gone. The one person who I was truely close to that is a blood relative that WAS living is gone. She was my confidant 100% told her everything. I guess I should be mad she didn't tell me. But I understand she didn't because she didn't want me to suffer with her. Does that make her a stronger person or a weeker one though? That I really don't know. She took all that pain and suffering to her grave and only her doctor's knew. That's gotta take something thats for sure. Me, I couldnt do that. To a point I do, but not forever. Not telling not a single person.

So what are you to do when simply washing dishes or doing laundry is a momentus chore. Not just a chore but actually so painful it just don't get done unless its absolutely has to, and then you end up crying over the sink because you have to wash dishes by hand trying not to pass out from the pain. And you'd rather ppl think you and your husband are just slobs verses them knowing its because you hurt to bad to and your husband with work, kids, taking care of an injured wife, and home knows that things have just got to slide sometimes. And then when you don't hurt by the time you do catch up there's only like a few days, maybe a wk where the whole place is nice and clean. But of course ppl never drop by on those days.

Adding on top of that the fact you can take absolutely nothing for it because you have little ones around that you have no choice but to look after, care for, and love them. Or when just taking a step is so painful you want to not care, you want to just drug yourself as the doctors tell you. Some take that way out. Ok alot take that way out it seems. But what about the rest of us? Those of us that struggle, in relative silence trying not to show the hardest of days, weeks, or months to those we love. Those of us that don't pop 3-7 pain pills a day? What are we supposed do? I know I've flushed at least a few thousand dollars worth of them pills because it seems pain management therapy is hey we'll dose you until you have no life and are addicted to them b4 you know it and become just another drug addict and hope you overdose as there isn't a single thing they can do other wise. No thanks Doc's not for me.

I know my gram would say suck it up. Head up, chin up,dry them tears, put a smile on that face and think. Is there anything you can do to make it a little easier? Then do that. ATM I'd like to say to her ok then go buy me damn dishwasher that works and hire a cleaning service to come in once a wk or something. Hahaha, very funny. Things cost money. Then she'd laugh, offer the money and I'd tell her No. I'll go over finances and find away. Which in fact is what we are trying to do to make one thing a little less of a such a royal pita. Well the dishwasher part of it anyway. It may be do able but having someone do our laundry well thats one thing we just have to do.

Anyway, I was sitting here feeling like shit cuz the place is a mess. I hurt. Bad. Bad enough to the point that they have this foam injection for ppl like me. It was out in the 50's. It's a cure. An honest true CURE. Kinda like the Cure for cancer gave a very high percentage of the ppl that took it parkinsin's diease. I know about as my grandfather was one of those ppl. They had it out for a very short time b4 they pulled it. But it exists. With what would CURE me however has what they say is a 50/50 shot of also killing me. Half the ppl they gave the injection to died of asphixiation due to allergic reaction. It was being reformulated. And it was said to be so close it could have possibly been released this year. Yuppers a cure. But something happened. Back to the drawing board it goes. And honestly with the last few months I'm to the point the hell with it. 50/50.

I just don't know if that is good or very bad....

But I do know that it simply just truely SUCKS.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh and I've decided on my next Haed

VanityVanity! It reminds me of the Attitude I had b4 I had kids back when i was 16-22yrs old. It's been along time since I've bought a Haed since I've got 2 in the works. Shh, I said 2 I know I've only showed Walk in the Iris. When I finish both of those I'll have 3 heads completed. This would make 4 and I found number 5 as well.


Faery BrideFaery Bride. This one when done I'll give to my daughter. First I'll wait a bit longer B4 buying these pats. I'm about to have 2 finishes if I stop starting small projects. Oh no wait 3 projects as I have one that just needs the backstitch finished now. Ok so I set it down to do the LK Booville. I'll finish the LK b4 I finish the backstitch on the other. And then the kids halloween totes will be done this year. I just have to finish the I love my mummy pattern for my son. It's only got 1/4 left and part of the backstitch is done.

Oh crap look at the time. Now looks like I'll literally RUN up to the school!!

Shhh no telling DH I got a secret Haed going. I keep it put away when he's home -_- I know some that read this know him. He wouldn't care I just don't want him to see it and he never checks my blog anymore. So the family that does SHHH or I'll know who told!

Feeling better

Well at least I've been feeling alot better this last week the weather has changed and it does seem to have been the horribly odd weather that caused it. Kinda scares me as what the winter will be like but now that I know there are some things I can do to help prevent going through it again.

I've been stitching. I have a piece I should be able to finish today for a halloween exchange. I feel anyway that I found this really cute item that she'll love. So much I had to buy me one too hehe. I'll take a pic and wait to post it after she gets it. If I finish the stitched piece today I can get it off in the mail to her on monday as I HATE the PO on Saturday. I also really should get some progress pics of other pieces on here. I've been useing DH's desktop and the port for the camera card, well I'm guessing it doesn't even have one which i think is crazy as we bought it last xmas. So I'll try to do that this weekend when I'm on my laptop. It's just 5yrs old and slower lmao so email and browseing the web is just so much faster on the desktop.

Anyway, its almost time to run off and get my girl from school.

Friday, September 18, 2009

UGH! I feel as if I've been tortured...

There is no other way to say it. It's better by a good bit better now but still achy and hurting. It's do able pain. By that I mean I can sit and stitch and wash a load of dishes or other LIGHT work in small amounts without crying. It started out that way so hopefully this is it ending.

We've had ALOT of rain here and I LOVE this weather I really do and never b4 has it done anything like this to me b4. I'd go from stiff and achy in my mid-lower back. At first I thought it was just the herniated disc's acting up. But now I'm thinking it has more to do with a bad flare up of arthritis. The doctor mentioned I have more in my back then most ppl includeing the ppl he sees about 80 and I'm not even 30 yet. And warned me not to be suprised if it flares up and gives me issues at some point.

I'm hoping that is what is the cause. And not other more serious things. I havn't gone to the doc as I know he'd just give me more pills to get through until the weather changes to see if it is the cause. 1 step and a time he'd tell me. Lets rule out the easy stuff b4 we test for things. Ok ya i get it. And I have all the pills he'd give me anyway because of my back so why waste my time and his. I hurt so bad one day I slept for 23hrs straight! DH helped me from the bed to the couch n back to bed, made sure I ate something and went to the bathroom. But for the most part I was sleeping the whole time. And the last wk bless him he's crawled in bed or on the couch and just held me while I cried myself to sleep.

I've always tried to stay positive and keep my chin up. But atm I really feel like I can't take anymore. I turn 30 on the 29th and feel like I've been tortured. If I take the pills it knocks me out cold like it did the day I slept for 23 hrs. So I either only take them at night when DH is able to get the kids up and off to school. At least it seems the rain has stopped. What ever the cause of it definitly has something to do with this weird rain we are getting. It has been raining off and on the entire time. I didn't start hurting until just b4 the rain started and DH noticed even when I'm drugged and sleeping that it hurts the most when it is actually raining. Rain, Rain. GO AWAY and pls don't come back until whatever caused this is figured out and able to be delt with in a better way!!

At least I feel a little bit better after venting. Going to toss in some english muffin pizza's for the kids to eat. I'm just not hungry and they are easy. Just toss some pizza sauce on top of english muffins on a baking sheet with some cheese n pepperoni and warm them in the oven until the cheese melts and good to serve and it requires no fighting from me to get them to eat as they eat em right up. Ya for the simple things.
RAIN GO AWAY FOR A FEW DAYS I CANT TAKE ANYMORE PAIN!!! Not like rain reads but who know's maybe what ever higher power can read and will stop torturing me long enough to find out if its the cause so I can go to the doc and find a solution.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I just window shopping

I think when I can I'll have to slowly get these two patterns and fabric n floss to stitch them. I LOVE egyptian things so I think it'll be first. So just as a reminder to myself as I sometimes forget that there is a pattern out there I'd really like to start I'm putting them here.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New couch!!

Ok so I've been on DH case lately as I've herd the "when we move (we've moved yrs ago remember and it was b4 that, I'll get to it, next paycheck, next month, we'll look when I'm off" BS that men give us when they know you want/need something for the house that they don't feel is a prioity or feel they just don't want to spend the money on it. In our case its been the old couch. We've had this couch since our first place and well I won't count the number of military moves its made. Or the number of times a baby has had a mishap of some biological sort on this couch. And to boot after all the abuse this old couch has taken over the years including someone sitting on it and BREAKING a board in the bottom. Its been a great couch. But now it actually hurts my back horribly to just sit on the thing!
I let it go on for so long because 1. other things keep breaking in this old house we bought. I love old houses and I love ours but man did the lady not keep it up, so it was a money thing. 2. well theres so many memories with the old one. But last week got over it. I sat down to stitch and within 20 mins or so I was up again doing something else and noticed I'm sitting on the floor vs sitting on the couch! I'm not supposed to do that with my back according to doc's. So we looked and looked. And we've looked many times over the years but as you can see from the pic our living sits in an L and well the part for the couch and tv is SMALL. We had 1 couch over there and if all 4 of us sat on the couch it was a bit tight. Which wasn't so much of a deal when the kids were smaller. So despite the space we decided that if we found a non bulky sectional that was comphy and I LOVE PILLOWS that we'd close off the door for the time being after all behind it is our bedroom anyway we'd get one. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD that is to find!!.
So when I put my foot down DH was ok we are stopping in this lil furniture store on the way to eat out for dinner. And there it was. it was a very light brown and SOLD =( and the guy was there is another. A darker brown one. Also SOLD. =( So we were walking around to browse and found hidden away the black one we got. Normally I wouldn't go for black or white but it works. We can all sit on it. And have room. And guest can sit and watch tv. And the little black ottomen has my stitching stuff INSIDE. That I picked up at wal mart though for $20.
Anyway, I got my couch and we can all fit. WOOT I don't have to kick everyone off the couch to stitch as now there is plenty of room!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok well I didn't have the best seat at the wedding. I had a specific spot in order to catch all 4 of the little kids in the wedding party. But thats my little girl in blue. She had to be special and wanted the blue dress vs the white one when my new SIL, my SIL, and I took the girls to pick the flower girl dresses. And the little man standing next to her is my boy. He was to intrested in the ring that was tied onto the pillow. -_-

I'll finish Eek by tonight for sure and maybe start on the next one or work the border down some more. I havn't decided just yet.

I some how lost the chart page i had highlighted so I actually have to print a copy again and go back and rehighlight all that i've done. Even though it is repetitive it's still nice to see where I am on it. I think I may do that this week. I really havn't worked on it since July. Just been too busy to get it out. And Iris is peaking through a tiny bit in the back as I'm washing the pillowcases I normally have over my scrolls today.


Well here are progress pics of LK's Boo Club. I'll finish Eek tonight but I don't know if I'll have the time to start the next one. And my progress on the Star's and Strips. I actually lost the chart I had printed out and had highlighted somewhere. So I'll have to print it again.

And here's my little ones. The little girl in blue and the tall boy next to her. Who is to fasinated with the little toy ring tied to the ring bearer pillow in his hand. I'd post other pics of the wedding but I didn't speak to other family members to see if they mind so I'll wait.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well honestly atm I'm not feeling well. I think I've got a nerve pinched in my low back, it will work itself out I'm sure of it. The stress of it being to HOT that the AC can not keep up let alone the kids stuck inside the last few months because of it. I think its ALL taken its toll and since its been a day to relax it's doing funky things to me. It's been nothing but almost 2 months of breaking up arguements over toys or what movies to go see. Even taking them out to the theater as there is nothing else to do with a 4 n 6 yr old here, as our local library sucks so bad, had proven a challege the few times I've taken them. And of course the big wedding that had just finally happened after years of waiting. Well if it happened earlier it would have been to the wrong women so I can't complain to much as he finally got the right one snagged, bagged, and now tagged. =)

At least now my brother is FINALLY married!!! This wedding I tell you has been in the works for 3 long painful years. Well up until last December it was going to be the wrong one who was horrible for him and to him and fought like hell to keep him away from family. It took alot of getting him to see what he already knew in his heart and mind that he REALLY REALLY had the perfect one for him pinning for him and she however wouldn't say anything to him as we all got put on the sidelines due to the witch that tried so hard to wreck his life. But the end of last year he woke up and ditched the witch and afterward (which is always best) realized the love of his life was really the best friend of his youngest sister. So not wasting anytime they got engaged in a matter of a what maybe 2months of dateing. And now b4 the year is up they are married and have their own place. Ah... its really a pair made in heaven and a fairytale. But weddings and family coming in and then them leaving is all very stressful. But it was great to see some of them. And well I wanted to hurt one in particular. But, thats the way weddings go I suppose. I've never been happier that DH and I skipped all that then I am now!!!!! Ok yea so we didn't get but one wedding gift which was from a grandmother. But OMG it was well worth not dealing with a wedding and family and this wedding proved that to me! We thought about renewing at 10yrs and doing the whole thing but oh no! No way will I go through all that. Even as just having my kids in this one and helping out and attending. NO WAY!

My little ones start school on thursday I so can not wait! I have been able to stitch here and there but not very much. I'll post pics at some point this week. But for now I'm going to start on the Boo Club by Lizzie Kate with a big thanks to the ANGEL that sent it to me. Not sure if she wants to be named or not so I'll leave that up to her. ;) I've gotten the first 3 charts, the fabric to stitch it on, and the threads. So I'm starting the boarder and the first one tonight. I might just finish part of the boarder and the first one tonight as it don't look very complex and looks like a quick stitch. That and it's only 9pm and I've gotten used to going to bed at 4am. Which tonight would be my last day to stay up so late as I've got to get on the kids schedule for school after all. Bought LOTS of coffee for that purpose though. So I'll have pics of that this week along with a few other things.

Oh I also finished all but 2 of the 9 puppets for the kids. I'll have to see if I can get the kids to round them all up for a picture when I take pics of the progress of the stitching. They just love those things.

OMG how can I forget. My 8th wedding anniversary is Thursday as well! We have absolutely no plans other then to be alone while the kids are at school and he'll make dinner. It's going to be a day we completely lock ourselves up while the kids are at school even though our girl goes only half a day. And then just relax at home. Hmmm, I smell a water balloon fight in the air after school. And what luck I have about 500 water balloons already. Hopefully, it wont be so hot outside as it has been.

OK off to stitch!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stars n stripes update and a finish and some puppets

Ok here are a few pics. The first one are some puppets I made with the kids help today. There's more to be done. I bought 2 packages of felt puppets to make. 1 is a zoo one and the other is a fantasy one. both have 4 different puppets in them.

this one is my progress on my stars and stripes project. I havnt had much time to stitch over the weekend. Been busy doing those first of the month errands and first of the month shoping.

Here is my finish. I still have one to make for Jon but I have plenty of time to get that one done as he wants it was an xmas orniment for his tree.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another small finish and an almost finish

The pearl white ribbon is because Dave died of Lung cancer and is alot prettier in person. I think I was too close with the camera but I'm being too lazy to take another pic.

And the red one is for my friend Jon who now insists I have to make him one into an orni. Of course I was planning on it b4 he asked. When I'm done with it I'm doing one for breast cancer for my grandma may and then I'm going to hunt for fabric and sew the 3 of them up into a valance for my craft room and make matching curtains. I have a book on the way that V showed me had some really pretty sayings like hope and dream and others. I think I'm going to see how big they when they get here and pic two to make into tie backs for the curtains. The curtains won't have any stitching on them I think the 3 on the valance is perfect and the tie backs my make it to much stitching as I don't want to take away from the top. I need a curtain in that room anyway so why not make it special.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ribbon finish

I stitched this today. But I think I'm going to stitch it again on a marble blue and do the flower in a dk blue to symbolize a forgetmenot flower tomorrow. The ribbon stands out in person and the metallic krenik with the rayon white makes it pearly which is hard to tell in the pic as well. In person its very pretty but I think I'd like better on a marble blue so b4 I finish it I'll make another and see which I like better.

Ornament Fun

You need a way to take pics and put them somewhere on the internetso we all can see.what you do is stitch up however many orni's you can/want put them somewheresafe until the end of Nov. And then the one's you are willing to trade take apicture of them together or seperate if you want to. The ppl participating willget to pic one orni from yours and you get to pick one orni in return fromtheirs. And you can pic from as many ppl as you want as long as you have oneinreturn they can pick from you. Of course we'll have to be informed of whichones are spoken for in the pictures or post new pictures here and there.They must be ones you made this year not and please not ones from exchanges asits not fair to the ppl who are making them special for this.It don't have to be just on multiply blogs. I would like ppl to either email the link to the blog or picture site however that wish to join in on the fun so I can put them in the links section so we all know who's doing it come November. And if November comes and you have none you just don't get to pick from someone else. So no pressure =)
Email is and I'll add all the ppl blog। or other picture site addy's I get to the links. Those that can post a link to were they will put the pics can also just put it in the comment box as well.


Hi all. Thought I'd make one here too.