Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh and I've decided on my next Haed

VanityVanity! It reminds me of the Attitude I had b4 I had kids back when i was 16-22yrs old. It's been along time since I've bought a Haed since I've got 2 in the works. Shh, I said 2 I know I've only showed Walk in the Iris. When I finish both of those I'll have 3 heads completed. This would make 4 and I found number 5 as well.


Faery BrideFaery Bride. This one when done I'll give to my daughter. First I'll wait a bit longer B4 buying these pats. I'm about to have 2 finishes if I stop starting small projects. Oh no wait 3 projects as I have one that just needs the backstitch finished now. Ok so I set it down to do the LK Booville. I'll finish the LK b4 I finish the backstitch on the other. And then the kids halloween totes will be done this year. I just have to finish the I love my mummy pattern for my son. It's only got 1/4 left and part of the backstitch is done.

Oh crap look at the time. Now looks like I'll literally RUN up to the school!!

Shhh no telling DH I got a secret Haed going. I keep it put away when he's home -_- I know some that read this know him. He wouldn't care I just don't want him to see it and he never checks my blog anymore. So the family that does SHHH or I'll know who told!

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