Monday, March 26, 2012


Well the medicine I took for my back seems to have caused my kidney to get badly infected. I've been knocked on my butt in severe pain, spent most of Sat in the er. They were on the fence if I should stay or go which to me isn't a good thing for a dr to be. Finally they sent me home and my kids and hubby have been looking after me. Mostly I just sleep and wake to take pain pills and the other pills they gave me.

ATM I'm sitting up but its wearing me down so quickly. I just woke up and I am going to go back to bed with help of my hubby to get me to the bed. Will update when i can. Just too weak.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tarot Town Update

pg 1 This is where it was when I picked it back up again sometime in Jan2012
I took this on my iphone in poor light as well so the colors are off haha. But you can see the progress and I didn't want to go HUNT down where the digital camera was hiding. Originally, I only took the pic to txt to my best friend.
I do want to say that I tend to buy Potato colored fabric for my projects that are fully stitched. Potato is or should be more of a lt cream at most fabric stores but without the sheen most creams have so it dont show as much under the stitches when done.  It makes the white thread stand out more while stitching and the dk threads not have that or as much of that bright white fabby sneaking through the threads.

all of pg 1, almost half of pg 10, and pt of pg 2. I would have gone further on pg 10 but this is so huge even my huggie I made for my qsnap for HAEDS which is wider to hold more of the extra fab then most can't hold all the fabric! I'll have to make a wider one right now some of the extra fabric is in the way of the sides of the stitching area and I didn't want to move my frame so I started pg 2 instead. When I get the time I will make a new huggie that will hold more of the fab. First I have to get rdy for the upcoming yard sale and well my craft room is storing most of the boxes and furniture for it so I can't get to my sewing machine if I tried.

 Look you can see the clouds! Well I can kinda LMAO! I wish they were more obvious as with some other HAEDs but most HAEDs it seems when you can stand back and look when more is done they become more obvious. I can't wait to get away from the shades of grey and into the colors of this piece. Its actually colorful once you get the clouds done.

Here is a closer picture.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet living room afghan

I did this the end of Dec to the beginning of Jan actually. But a friend who won't get blogger but checks my blog *you know who you are silly goose, I know you will look for this tonight* pointed out I never shared a pic. Most of the colors on my wall are all water like hues from greens to blues. When I saw the yarn out shopping with my sister it reminded me of the colors of the ocean we saw from Bar Harbor, Maine to Salem, Mass. and it's soo soft and cuddly!! I laid it out on our king size bed to take a pic. I didn't mean to make it so big haha! But I love it! I started a simple shawl to go with it for when I'm cold and stitching or at the comp but I haven't worked on it since Jan. I've just been too busy.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Haeds and an update on Tarot Town

pg 1 of Tarot Town. You can kinda see the start of the clouds. Its a really pretty

Moonlight Serenade

Umbrella Sky

QS Rochelle -This reminds me of our trip to the NE Coast from Bar Harbor, Maine to Salem,Mass

QS Waiting for the First Dance I'm thinking I'll do it for my Daughters 16th Bday. She loves everything about it. She's only 7 so hopefully I will finish in time LAMO!

This is for my son. He loves everything Fish/Aquatic and time travel.. and in solving crimes the boy would be in heaven and he just turned 9! He's been crazy about wanting to work in an Aquarium or off a Coast as a Marine Biologist since he was just a toddler. The Mertle Beach Aquarium in SC and the Biloxi Aquarium in MS are his Favorite places and he misses them.  Odd thing is he hasn't wavered from what he wants not even once.