2011 Finishes

I did the fabric myself. I'd have to find the mag to know who its by but it was in the 2011 Halloween Mag.

Be Thankful by Imaginating

My Mill Hill Rocky Mountian Santa
All of them I still have to finish into things. The reindeer will be the top of our household xmas card holder. I have more smaller pieces to stitch for it. The Whoops Wrong Holiday will be a quilted wall hanging. I had surgery in March to get a cyst removed from my under arm and the stitches came out the 17th! Of all days so I missed the holiday fabric. By the time I went looking ever place was sold out of what I was looking for. So nxt year it will be finished into the quilted hanging. The last I haven't decided how I will finish it yet. It was an old RR that I finished up.  

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