Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween exchange, LK update, and stitching update

Kita stitched this piece and sent it in the halloween exchange. I was having an ok day and took some fabric I had on hand and sewn it into a wall hanging. I'm still not finished closing it up just yet. Should be by tonight if I'm lucky.

And I got the last chart for the LK Boo club in the mail from an angel who also sent me 2 things of fabby a light purple and and med purple. They are SOOO PRETTY. Sorry I have them put up already or I'd take pics. I have to get my boy from school and just don't have the time to do that atm. I can't wait to get back to work on it. MUAAA

Also since I sewn this up both kids want their halloween pieces I was going to put on trick or treat totes they want sewn up to hang on their walls. I'm ok with that. At least they will last alot longer that way. I'm still trying to finish up my Boy's. My girls is the halloween piece with lil witch girl somewhere in my finishes. Its been done for awhile but my sons has all this glow in the dark threads and they are a pita to work with. So it got worked on and put down and I've done alot on it since I picked it up the end of september. I'll finish the stitching b4 halloween if my back allows but I don't think I'll get it sewn up in time. But they said they dont care as long as I let them keep it on their walls even though halloween is over haha!!

OMG. Its illegal and they smell... and on the other hand if I report it it will for certain cause problems

I LOVE animals. And for about a yr now off and on the front of our house smells like cat shit. The first time I smelled it I thought wow damn our litter boxes need an extra change as we have 4 INSIDE cats. And then started to notice as the days go by the kittens. A few wks after that DH was talking to the neighbor next door and found out she had another litter of kittens. Surely I thought there was confusion and it was the same litter. Now the white truck the drive way is in is not my nieghbors yard but the yard next to it. our neighbors yard. well let me just take a picture..

ok the bottom picture you see that big bush.. ya no. That pic was taken from my front door behind that mass of bushes and trees is an old lady's house!! An ENTIRE HOUSE! And in the pic you can see the house next to it with the white truck. That's only a 3rd of the cats in these pictures! This women has at least 3 dozen cats. We live in the city and the law is 4 pets per household. I am sick of the smell of them and the smell from her house! But calling animal control with the amount of cats she has theyd get put to sleep based on how much room the shelter has for them. And 2ndly this women is LOVED by the neighbors. They all grew up and bought the surrounding homes. All our neighbors lived here when they were kids and grew up with this women. So Calling animal controll would cause real issues too. I just dont know what to do!! Normally you only see like 2 or 3 at a time. This time some were in this drive way, some in the drive way with the white truck and some on the empty lot on the other side of this womens house as well. Guess I should have taken a picture of all 3 spots. But OMG!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

life long reoccuring medical problems really suck

Well first it doesn't seem to matter what it is. From illness to injury it sucks.

First there is the who do you talk to if you have a bad day or bad week or bad month? Who do ask to help when you just simply cant keep up? The people that you love and love you back? Why? So they take pity on you which is the best case. Because if they truely love you it hurts them too emotionally on some level not only that but if they have to take time off work juggling things around. I know I've been on the other side with different ppl i love having several different kinds of cancer to back issue's.

And hell my Grandma May. She and i wrote every month most of the time 2 or 3 times a month. She had Breast Cancer for years refused treatment and locked herself away from family. She to knew it then. Then all of a sudden she's dead and gone. The one person who I was truely close to that is a blood relative that WAS living is gone. She was my confidant 100% told her everything. I guess I should be mad she didn't tell me. But I understand she didn't because she didn't want me to suffer with her. Does that make her a stronger person or a weeker one though? That I really don't know. She took all that pain and suffering to her grave and only her doctor's knew. That's gotta take something thats for sure. Me, I couldnt do that. To a point I do, but not forever. Not telling not a single person.

So what are you to do when simply washing dishes or doing laundry is a momentus chore. Not just a chore but actually so painful it just don't get done unless its absolutely has to, and then you end up crying over the sink because you have to wash dishes by hand trying not to pass out from the pain. And you'd rather ppl think you and your husband are just slobs verses them knowing its because you hurt to bad to and your husband with work, kids, taking care of an injured wife, and home knows that things have just got to slide sometimes. And then when you don't hurt by the time you do catch up there's only like a few days, maybe a wk where the whole place is nice and clean. But of course ppl never drop by on those days.

Adding on top of that the fact you can take absolutely nothing for it because you have little ones around that you have no choice but to look after, care for, and love them. Or when just taking a step is so painful you want to not care, you want to just drug yourself as the doctors tell you. Some take that way out. Ok alot take that way out it seems. But what about the rest of us? Those of us that struggle, in relative silence trying not to show the hardest of days, weeks, or months to those we love. Those of us that don't pop 3-7 pain pills a day? What are we supposed do? I know I've flushed at least a few thousand dollars worth of them pills because it seems pain management therapy is hey we'll dose you until you have no life and are addicted to them b4 you know it and become just another drug addict and hope you overdose as there isn't a single thing they can do other wise. No thanks Doc's not for me.

I know my gram would say suck it up. Head up, chin up,dry them tears, put a smile on that face and think. Is there anything you can do to make it a little easier? Then do that. ATM I'd like to say to her ok then go buy me damn dishwasher that works and hire a cleaning service to come in once a wk or something. Hahaha, very funny. Things cost money. Then she'd laugh, offer the money and I'd tell her No. I'll go over finances and find away. Which in fact is what we are trying to do to make one thing a little less of a such a royal pita. Well the dishwasher part of it anyway. It may be do able but having someone do our laundry well thats one thing we just have to do.

Anyway, I was sitting here feeling like shit cuz the place is a mess. I hurt. Bad. Bad enough to the point that they have this foam injection for ppl like me. It was out in the 50's. It's a cure. An honest true CURE. Kinda like the Cure for cancer gave a very high percentage of the ppl that took it parkinsin's diease. I know about as my grandfather was one of those ppl. They had it out for a very short time b4 they pulled it. But it exists. With what would CURE me however has what they say is a 50/50 shot of also killing me. Half the ppl they gave the injection to died of asphixiation due to allergic reaction. It was being reformulated. And it was said to be so close it could have possibly been released this year. Yuppers a cure. But something happened. Back to the drawing board it goes. And honestly with the last few months I'm to the point the hell with it. 50/50.

I just don't know if that is good or very bad....

But I do know that it simply just truely SUCKS.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh and I've decided on my next Haed

VanityVanity! It reminds me of the Attitude I had b4 I had kids back when i was 16-22yrs old. It's been along time since I've bought a Haed since I've got 2 in the works. Shh, I said 2 I know I've only showed Walk in the Iris. When I finish both of those I'll have 3 heads completed. This would make 4 and I found number 5 as well.


Faery BrideFaery Bride. This one when done I'll give to my daughter. First I'll wait a bit longer B4 buying these pats. I'm about to have 2 finishes if I stop starting small projects. Oh no wait 3 projects as I have one that just needs the backstitch finished now. Ok so I set it down to do the LK Booville. I'll finish the LK b4 I finish the backstitch on the other. And then the kids halloween totes will be done this year. I just have to finish the I love my mummy pattern for my son. It's only got 1/4 left and part of the backstitch is done.

Oh crap look at the time. Now looks like I'll literally RUN up to the school!!

Shhh no telling DH I got a secret Haed going. I keep it put away when he's home -_- I know some that read this know him. He wouldn't care I just don't want him to see it and he never checks my blog anymore. So the family that does SHHH or I'll know who told!

Feeling better

Well at least I've been feeling alot better this last week the weather has changed and it does seem to have been the horribly odd weather that caused it. Kinda scares me as what the winter will be like but now that I know there are some things I can do to help prevent going through it again.

I've been stitching. I have a piece I should be able to finish today for a halloween exchange. I feel anyway that I found this really cute item that she'll love. So much I had to buy me one too hehe. I'll take a pic and wait to post it after she gets it. If I finish the stitched piece today I can get it off in the mail to her on monday as I HATE the PO on Saturday. I also really should get some progress pics of other pieces on here. I've been useing DH's desktop and the port for the camera card, well I'm guessing it doesn't even have one which i think is crazy as we bought it last xmas. So I'll try to do that this weekend when I'm on my laptop. It's just 5yrs old and slower lmao so email and browseing the web is just so much faster on the desktop.

Anyway, its almost time to run off and get my girl from school.