Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween exchange, LK update, and stitching update

Kita stitched this piece and sent it in the halloween exchange. I was having an ok day and took some fabric I had on hand and sewn it into a wall hanging. I'm still not finished closing it up just yet. Should be by tonight if I'm lucky.

And I got the last chart for the LK Boo club in the mail from an angel who also sent me 2 things of fabby a light purple and and med purple. They are SOOO PRETTY. Sorry I have them put up already or I'd take pics. I have to get my boy from school and just don't have the time to do that atm. I can't wait to get back to work on it. MUAAA

Also since I sewn this up both kids want their halloween pieces I was going to put on trick or treat totes they want sewn up to hang on their walls. I'm ok with that. At least they will last alot longer that way. I'm still trying to finish up my Boy's. My girls is the halloween piece with lil witch girl somewhere in my finishes. Its been done for awhile but my sons has all this glow in the dark threads and they are a pita to work with. So it got worked on and put down and I've done alot on it since I picked it up the end of september. I'll finish the stitching b4 halloween if my back allows but I don't think I'll get it sewn up in time. But they said they dont care as long as I let them keep it on their walls even though halloween is over haha!!

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