Friday, October 2, 2009

Feeling better

Well at least I've been feeling alot better this last week the weather has changed and it does seem to have been the horribly odd weather that caused it. Kinda scares me as what the winter will be like but now that I know there are some things I can do to help prevent going through it again.

I've been stitching. I have a piece I should be able to finish today for a halloween exchange. I feel anyway that I found this really cute item that she'll love. So much I had to buy me one too hehe. I'll take a pic and wait to post it after she gets it. If I finish the stitched piece today I can get it off in the mail to her on monday as I HATE the PO on Saturday. I also really should get some progress pics of other pieces on here. I've been useing DH's desktop and the port for the camera card, well I'm guessing it doesn't even have one which i think is crazy as we bought it last xmas. So I'll try to do that this weekend when I'm on my laptop. It's just 5yrs old and slower lmao so email and browseing the web is just so much faster on the desktop.

Anyway, its almost time to run off and get my girl from school.

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