Friday, May 29, 2009

Another small finish and an almost finish

The pearl white ribbon is because Dave died of Lung cancer and is alot prettier in person. I think I was too close with the camera but I'm being too lazy to take another pic.

And the red one is for my friend Jon who now insists I have to make him one into an orni. Of course I was planning on it b4 he asked. When I'm done with it I'm doing one for breast cancer for my grandma may and then I'm going to hunt for fabric and sew the 3 of them up into a valance for my craft room and make matching curtains. I have a book on the way that V showed me had some really pretty sayings like hope and dream and others. I think I'm going to see how big they when they get here and pic two to make into tie backs for the curtains. The curtains won't have any stitching on them I think the 3 on the valance is perfect and the tie backs my make it to much stitching as I don't want to take away from the top. I need a curtain in that room anyway so why not make it special.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ribbon finish

I stitched this today. But I think I'm going to stitch it again on a marble blue and do the flower in a dk blue to symbolize a forgetmenot flower tomorrow. The ribbon stands out in person and the metallic krenik with the rayon white makes it pearly which is hard to tell in the pic as well. In person its very pretty but I think I'd like better on a marble blue so b4 I finish it I'll make another and see which I like better.

Ornament Fun

You need a way to take pics and put them somewhere on the internetso we all can see.what you do is stitch up however many orni's you can/want put them somewheresafe until the end of Nov. And then the one's you are willing to trade take apicture of them together or seperate if you want to. The ppl participating willget to pic one orni from yours and you get to pick one orni in return fromtheirs. And you can pic from as many ppl as you want as long as you have oneinreturn they can pick from you. Of course we'll have to be informed of whichones are spoken for in the pictures or post new pictures here and there.They must be ones you made this year not and please not ones from exchanges asits not fair to the ppl who are making them special for this.It don't have to be just on multiply blogs. I would like ppl to either email the link to the blog or picture site however that wish to join in on the fun so I can put them in the links section so we all know who's doing it come November. And if November comes and you have none you just don't get to pick from someone else. So no pressure =)
Email is and I'll add all the ppl blog। or other picture site addy's I get to the links. Those that can post a link to were they will put the pics can also just put it in the comment box as well.


Hi all. Thought I'd make one here too.