Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ribbon finish

I stitched this today. But I think I'm going to stitch it again on a marble blue and do the flower in a dk blue to symbolize a forgetmenot flower tomorrow. The ribbon stands out in person and the metallic krenik with the rayon white makes it pearly which is hard to tell in the pic as well. In person its very pretty but I think I'd like better on a marble blue so b4 I finish it I'll make another and see which I like better.


  1. It's lovely Bren! Like the new blog.

  2. Thanks Viv. I'm actually going to do 3 and sew them together. I am thinking I need to make a certain for my craft room/cats room lol (their cage they sleep in is back there) so I'm really considering sewing them into a quilted valance. I believe thats what it's called. The top curtain that goes all the way acrossed the top of the window and the hanging curtains. And then make two quilted curtain halves and stitching the tie backs with words like dream and love or peace and love something like that. I've made curtains b4 but never mixed it with cross stitch but I think it will look lovely if I get it right.