Friday, September 18, 2009

UGH! I feel as if I've been tortured...

There is no other way to say it. It's better by a good bit better now but still achy and hurting. It's do able pain. By that I mean I can sit and stitch and wash a load of dishes or other LIGHT work in small amounts without crying. It started out that way so hopefully this is it ending.

We've had ALOT of rain here and I LOVE this weather I really do and never b4 has it done anything like this to me b4. I'd go from stiff and achy in my mid-lower back. At first I thought it was just the herniated disc's acting up. But now I'm thinking it has more to do with a bad flare up of arthritis. The doctor mentioned I have more in my back then most ppl includeing the ppl he sees about 80 and I'm not even 30 yet. And warned me not to be suprised if it flares up and gives me issues at some point.

I'm hoping that is what is the cause. And not other more serious things. I havn't gone to the doc as I know he'd just give me more pills to get through until the weather changes to see if it is the cause. 1 step and a time he'd tell me. Lets rule out the easy stuff b4 we test for things. Ok ya i get it. And I have all the pills he'd give me anyway because of my back so why waste my time and his. I hurt so bad one day I slept for 23hrs straight! DH helped me from the bed to the couch n back to bed, made sure I ate something and went to the bathroom. But for the most part I was sleeping the whole time. And the last wk bless him he's crawled in bed or on the couch and just held me while I cried myself to sleep.

I've always tried to stay positive and keep my chin up. But atm I really feel like I can't take anymore. I turn 30 on the 29th and feel like I've been tortured. If I take the pills it knocks me out cold like it did the day I slept for 23 hrs. So I either only take them at night when DH is able to get the kids up and off to school. At least it seems the rain has stopped. What ever the cause of it definitly has something to do with this weird rain we are getting. It has been raining off and on the entire time. I didn't start hurting until just b4 the rain started and DH noticed even when I'm drugged and sleeping that it hurts the most when it is actually raining. Rain, Rain. GO AWAY and pls don't come back until whatever caused this is figured out and able to be delt with in a better way!!

At least I feel a little bit better after venting. Going to toss in some english muffin pizza's for the kids to eat. I'm just not hungry and they are easy. Just toss some pizza sauce on top of english muffins on a baking sheet with some cheese n pepperoni and warm them in the oven until the cheese melts and good to serve and it requires no fighting from me to get them to eat as they eat em right up. Ya for the simple things.
RAIN GO AWAY FOR A FEW DAYS I CANT TAKE ANYMORE PAIN!!! Not like rain reads but who know's maybe what ever higher power can read and will stop torturing me long enough to find out if its the cause so I can go to the doc and find a solution.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I just window shopping

I think when I can I'll have to slowly get these two patterns and fabric n floss to stitch them. I LOVE egyptian things so I think it'll be first. So just as a reminder to myself as I sometimes forget that there is a pattern out there I'd really like to start I'm putting them here.