Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I being bad or really good?

Well Tarot Town is started. My migraine is mostly gone thank goodness. Did some of the errands with Hubby while the kids were in school. But I also cut fabric to start 2 new ones and most likely this wkend I will cut fabric for another. Even bought the flosses I was missing for 1 of them. Only 1 was on my list of ones I was going to do this year but the other are 2 I recently bought LOL. At least I didn't have to buy anything. Well ok I picked up a case for Tarot Town's floss. I'll see what I have and what I need to pick up after the first. I have the few for the first pg but not sure of the others.

Seems we also have a flu outbreak in our school system here. We've had several notes home already. So far the only illness we've had for the season is a bad cold.First Boo, then this wk its been Kalista and I. Things are going to be hard enough when C goes back to Korea I certainly don't want to be fighting the flu as well.

Will do a picture update of progress sometime this wk. Some on Tarot Town not near as much as I wouldn't work on it not feeling well and a lot on my Christmas Rentier.

Going to try to see The Mechanic on Fri when the kids are in school. C leaves that day so figure I'd go chill with Jason on the big screen. If that, a few new starts, & some dancing with the kids on the wii can't make for getting through the day nothing will. Hope, its odd how that works.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boo Club

Here is what I've gotten done so far on the LK Boo Cub. It's still on its qsnap I just took the bottom holder off so now the fab looks loose because it is LOL and it was laying on the towels I have to go fold as well. I thought I was further along with it b4 DH left for Korea. Its been put up since just b4 he left to keep it safe since I knew my stitching time would be in short supply after he left. I'll start working on it again when he leaves. I really love it and its so fun to stitch. A wonderful friend sent it to me all kitted up and I'm ever so Thankful for it. It'll be on my wall this Halloween for sure. I don't have a rotation really just whatever I feel like stitching I do. I'd work on it today but I really want to get out of the "Grey ONLY" section of the sky on Tarot Town so when he leaves I hope to have most of that done to get down to where the rainbow starts. Rainbows and bright colors always chase the grey skies away and mine will certainly be grey enough when he leaves to go back so hope I'm not stitching blue grey skies at the time he leaves.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mon & Tues

Brayden(7) wasn't feeling well over the wkend. But was feeling just fine come Monday when we went to see Nana at the Omni Plex aka Science Museum. We showed Cecil where she works and went and took the kids around until she got off and watched the Planetarium show with her and walked around for a short bit longer.

Here he is watching the marble thing he gravitates to no matter how many times he see's it.

Here Kalista(6) swiped Cecil's hat. Haha I love this pic he looks so not like him in it! They both love Chuck. I should have gotten her a hat too for xmas!

Here she is in the Tractor. She was so sweet waiting for the 2 kids that were in it when she went up the stairs to it to get out. After 15mins or longer of standing on the stairs waiting. She wanted to wait tho so I waited with her. 3 little brats ran up the stairs once the 2 kids got out and pushed her out of the way. Yup me being me I scooped em up n told them it was her turn and they had to wait. They didn't like that and 1 ran and got her mom. I told her mom what they did not that she cared her 12yr, 11, &8 yr old were pushing a 6yr old. I swear parents r so damn lazy these days.

Here is the butterfly I painted on her cheak. Not very good I know. But she loved it so I'm happy!

Here is Cecil looking more like himself vs making a funny face at me and Kalista on Tues afternoon. He was playing ps3 and she curled up on his arm and he ate it up proud daddy that he is. And she feel asleep! Poor thing was sick and wanted to watch her daddy shot things. I had her in the bed with me while reading ShadowFever but she just wanted her Daddy.

Greek Mandala

First pic is where it was when I picked up on the 1/13/11. The last was on the 19th. My son was sick over the wkend and then my daughter the last 2 days plus visiting family. So stitching time has been limited. HAHA thankfully Cecil is still here so I was able to still get most stitching in then on a good day when he's gone.

opps Tarot Town Started

Ok well there isnt much to show at all as I just started a little bit ago. but I can post a pic of the grid haha. Will post more when I have something to show. Have roughly about 300 stitches in it atm. But I'll take a pic tomorrow or something.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New stash and Fabric Ordered

Well I ordered these with the fabric to for my Tarot Town Haed. I have fabric for all 3 of these so I will start them soon b4 some of my other ones that I still have to buy fabric for. I think I'll end up starting the Be Thankful and the Winter one first. I also have the fabric for DH's Stars and Strips to that I can start. Ok ya I'll never get them all done and some of the others I picked out of my stash to do will go on the back burner again but I like them and it gives me a better mix of things to work on when I have the time.

I do have, ok no idea whats up with the underlines or why they disappeared the button wasnt clicked. Ok anyway, I do have progress of my Greek Mandala but I will post it tomorrow. DH has lunch with his brother and shopping with his mother today so I'll have time alone while he's out doing that. Well the kids might be home when he shops with his mother will see what happens. I hope to get alot done in that time. Other then getting on the threadmill and of course my shower afterward I have nothing I have to do today. So yay stitch day! Trying to get in as much time doing what I want to do as I can b4 he leaves back to Korea and still spend lots of time with him and the kids too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch- ya i'm a huge chicken when trying something new

Well I tried something new and believe me while making it my face was making one of those eww expressions with the partial lip raise and like you smell something smelly. I told DH well its healthy and if the Egyptians ate chickpeas then I can at least try them. I found it @
I'll admit I've wanted to try out chickpeas b4 but never would. DH wants the recipe to take back to Korea to make in his dorm because putting it in a food processor or in my case one thats a blender attachment is crazy fast and easy. And he likes it, I will add he's a total meat eater so to get him to try something Vegan shocked me. Normally, if I try something new he'll try it b4 me so I'll be brave and try a bite or two at least. But if he don't like it he'll eat what I gave him and say it was good or okay and not ask for more. But he wanted seconds then thirds.

First I made it like the recipe says but I added 2 baby dill pickles and left out the celery dropping everything in the processor attachment. Oh added a little Tabasco to. Served it in a tomato basil wrap with some lettuce and sliced cucumber slices. Cut it in half and gave DH half and me half.

  1. too much onion for my taste so nxt time and there will be a nxt time I make it I'll use maybe a lil over a 1/4 of an onion vs a half.
  2. I'll add at least 4 pickles to the mix or I'll cut some to add on top in the wrap like i did with the cucumber.
  3. I'll get a can of the seasoned diced tomatoes to go in the wrap to.
I toasted a slice of wheat bread and folded it in half and added cucumber slices, shredded lettuce, sliced a whole baby dill in half, and the filling and its alot better to me in the toasted bread with the pickle slice. DH still likes the tomato basil wrap better with more pickle as well so I think nxt time I'll blend it altogether and chop up some pickles and mix them in with a spoon.

Off to stitch for awhile b4 the kids get out of school. We are going out to dinner with my Mom tonight so I know I wont get to stitch any tonight. I'll try to post an updated pic of Avarice tomorrow morning. I think once I get the face finished I'll work on one of the others for a little while. I need a break from all the brown!