Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunch- ya i'm a huge chicken when trying something new

Well I tried something new and believe me while making it my face was making one of those eww expressions with the partial lip raise and like you smell something smelly. I told DH well its healthy and if the Egyptians ate chickpeas then I can at least try them. I found it @ http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Vegetarian-Chickpea-Sandwich-Filling/Detail.aspx
I'll admit I've wanted to try out chickpeas b4 but never would. DH wants the recipe to take back to Korea to make in his dorm because putting it in a food processor or in my case one thats a blender attachment is crazy fast and easy. And he likes it, I will add he's a total meat eater so to get him to try something Vegan shocked me. Normally, if I try something new he'll try it b4 me so I'll be brave and try a bite or two at least. But if he don't like it he'll eat what I gave him and say it was good or okay and not ask for more. But he wanted seconds then thirds.

First I made it like the recipe says but I added 2 baby dill pickles and left out the celery dropping everything in the processor attachment. Oh added a little Tabasco to. Served it in a tomato basil wrap with some lettuce and sliced cucumber slices. Cut it in half and gave DH half and me half.

  1. too much onion for my taste so nxt time and there will be a nxt time I make it I'll use maybe a lil over a 1/4 of an onion vs a half.
  2. I'll add at least 4 pickles to the mix or I'll cut some to add on top in the wrap like i did with the cucumber.
  3. I'll get a can of the seasoned diced tomatoes to go in the wrap to.
I toasted a slice of wheat bread and folded it in half and added cucumber slices, shredded lettuce, sliced a whole baby dill in half, and the filling and its alot better to me in the toasted bread with the pickle slice. DH still likes the tomato basil wrap better with more pickle as well so I think nxt time I'll blend it altogether and chop up some pickles and mix them in with a spoon.

Off to stitch for awhile b4 the kids get out of school. We are going out to dinner with my Mom tonight so I know I wont get to stitch any tonight. I'll try to post an updated pic of Avarice tomorrow morning. I think once I get the face finished I'll work on one of the others for a little while. I need a break from all the brown!

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