Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I being bad or really good?

Well Tarot Town is started. My migraine is mostly gone thank goodness. Did some of the errands with Hubby while the kids were in school. But I also cut fabric to start 2 new ones and most likely this wkend I will cut fabric for another. Even bought the flosses I was missing for 1 of them. Only 1 was on my list of ones I was going to do this year but the other are 2 I recently bought LOL. At least I didn't have to buy anything. Well ok I picked up a case for Tarot Town's floss. I'll see what I have and what I need to pick up after the first. I have the few for the first pg but not sure of the others.

Seems we also have a flu outbreak in our school system here. We've had several notes home already. So far the only illness we've had for the season is a bad cold.First Boo, then this wk its been Kalista and I. Things are going to be hard enough when C goes back to Korea I certainly don't want to be fighting the flu as well.

Will do a picture update of progress sometime this wk. Some on Tarot Town not near as much as I wouldn't work on it not feeling well and a lot on my Christmas Rentier.

Going to try to see The Mechanic on Fri when the kids are in school. C leaves that day so figure I'd go chill with Jason on the big screen. If that, a few new starts, & some dancing with the kids on the wii can't make for getting through the day nothing will. Hope, its odd how that works.

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