Thursday, December 24, 2015

One lonely mischievous Knubblechen looking for a loving little girl to give me a home.

I am a Knubblechen and tonight on Christmas Eve I was born. 

All was going well at first. 

I learned I love pictures and cuddles. 

Here I am with Uncle Cecil enjoying cuddles. 

He even let me play computer games. Those are fun. 

I tried to give him kisses. That was where my trouble began.

Then I went for a ride on his dog.

I also got hungry. 
Do you ever just want some chips? 
I liked them so much I almost fell in. 

Have you ever got in trouble when you didn't even know you were doing wrong? 
I did. 
A lot. 

I need a home with a little girl that can teach me to behave. That will take a lot of pictures and post them for friends and family to see our adventures together. I need a name as well. 

Will you be that girl?