Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things and CRY more designers packing it in.

Well my laptop has officially met its match. It has too much trouble loading almost anyweb page with all the updates and new technology all these sites use now. We can't afford, well it isn't logical for us to spend $2,500 to buy a laptop to do what and have what I need it to do. I have to go and find all my stitching programs and see if its compatable with the new windows 7. But for the price of a desktop with what I need in it, a desk, and the deskchair I could have bout 2 of everything and still been around $600 under what it would cost for a laptop to do the same. =( So ya not logical to replace my laptop. I have to learn to use a desktop and just typeing on such a large keyboard is a pita!! But it works and I'll learn but will be aggravated with it for awhile. And until I can find my stitching programs I'll be even more pissed at the fact that my 5yr old laptop that kept up so wonderfully til the middle of this yr that technology finally surpassed it. =(

And yet again I'm sad to see another designer close her door. If we keep losing 1 designer a month whats going to happen? I'm starting to wonder when the rest will go. Will we end up with nothing to stitch and gawk at or drool over? Who's next?! Come on designers stick with us lots of ppl need you n love you and your just giving up!!! WTF come one now fight it ='(

PLEASE!!!! Turn them comps back on get them needles going again. ='( Bah childrens books. Retiring, unable to afford it.. I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR EXCUSSES IF YOU ASKED FOR HELP I BET A TON OF US STITCHERS WOULD DO WHAT EVER WE COULD TO HELP.


cry ='(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stitching pics Incudeing a update pic of Iris, Quilt pics, halloween pics, and an update.

Here are a few pics.

The first one is of Braydens I love my Mummy halloween piece. I didn't manage to finish it b4 halloween with all that was going on but I don't have too much left to go on it. With all the special glow in the dark threads after halloween he was ok with me putting it aside for a little bit to take a break.

Then there is Iris. I only took her back out after a very long time of her being put away on Weds. But I nearly got a page done from weds-fri.

There is a pic of the Kids b4 we went out for halloween. There are more in its own little photo album on my multiply site. Also lots of new pics of the pics in new albums of both the kids. Kalista poseing in some new clothes V sent her. Some.. well ok some isn't the right word. haha. She posed with all the clothes and there was something like 130 pics in all. I only uploaded 20. And then another album of Brayden poseing and the kids playing with dad. I won't upload all those into the blog though so if you want to see them you'll have to look at my Multiply albums.

The last picture of a hour glass quilt pattern. I went to sleep one day and got the crazy feeling of making a quilt that looked like candy useing the hour glass pattern. Hobby Lobby was having a sale a few weeks later and I couldn't shake the feeling and found the red candy cane and peppermint fabric and Knew I just had to make it. When I was on the way out either I called DH to let him know I was on the way home or he called me. Anyway, he was oh only 3 kinds of fabric at 2 yrds a piece. That dont seem like alot why not buy some more since it is 50% off. HAHA bad bad thing to say to me in Hobby Lobby! They had this cupcake christmas fabric so I picked out more fabric to go with it for Kalista. And of course if I'm to make her one Brayden will have to have one too so I bought more fabric for that one. This was months ago when I started but had to stop working on if because of my back. I work on it on the days my back is being very very nice to me. Today happend to be one of those days.

We went to the mall today with MIL, BIL, SIL, DH, and the kids. It was alot of fun and had lunch there. MIL took us to the Godiva shop they had there. Ok Took SIL and me and the boys took the kids to the bookstore. And we had these little edable chocolate baskets with fruit. Mine was dark chocolate with 2 blueberries, a blackberry, and a raspberry. Gotta say it, MHMMMMMMM.

I picked up new copies of the Ink Heart and InkSpell books. I need Ink Death still but the only copy they had was $25 and well that isn't equal the cost of what the other 2 books combined ran. So it'll have to wait.

They had a copy of City of Ember, the one with all 3 Ember books in one. I've been looking for it since I saw the movie as I want to find out in the other 3 books what happens to the kids after the movie!! But the binding was broken! So i turned it and the book I found that had some drink stained pages to the manager b4 we left the store.