Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who's rdy for 2011? Stitching update

Not me!

Well I decided for 2011 I'll be working mostly on just my WIP's/UFO's and my Haed's.
I have the floss and fab for my Vanity. But I really need to get a piece no smaller then 31x41" 25ct for my Tarot Town and after I do I will work on getting the floss put together for that. I also have everything for my Not Forgotten but I can't seem to find where I put it all! -,- I'm sure I will as I get everything together. Cleaning out and sorting through my stitching stuff today so if I don't find it today I'll find it this wk at least.

I'll try as I pull them out over the nxt yr to take pics of my WIP's and UFO's. But I will only be doing that as I work on them.

I think it will help get things done at least the big things if I put them in their own folders as I do it. I hope at least haha! Well break time over time to get back to work.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Book List

Putting the book list here which is huge ok and these are only the MUST read soon list as they said to me. So friends and family that wish to help buy the books can. Because it is HUGE and they are welcome to read them as well so they have a better understanding of the kids.

Book list for both First 4 are the ones I am going to try to buy this month if we can afford to but they were instant that ALL are very important.... makes me look at the money coming in n the money going out and I'll never get my first and only real vacation/honeymoon since C and I never had the money to take one since we were married my 3rd semester of college n his what 4th I think. The more help we can get with the books the more likely we'll have a chance to take the trip b4 my back kills me. N thats the other thing because if the doc's r right and my back kills me in the nxt few yrs my kids will be among the ones at higher risk of the gifted kids to kill themselves b4 they get out of high school especially if it happens b4 or soon after Cecil finishes the year long tour in Korea. If I was granted one wish it would so be to have my kids BE NORMAL KIDS! Higher intelligence really doesn't seem like much of a blessing!
  1. A Parents Guide to Gifted Children
  2. Raising a Gifted Child: A Parenting Handbook
  3. Living with Intensity:Understanding the Sensitivity, Excitability, and the Emotional Development of Gifted Children, Adolescents, and Adults
  4. Parents of Gifted Kids: How to Understand, Live with, and Stick up for Your Gifted Child
  5. Gifted Children and Gifted Education: A Handbook for Teachers and Parents
  6. Helping Gifted Children Soar
B's list which they can be kept for K when she gets older
  1. Math for the Gifted Student Grade 2
  2. Math for the Gifted Student Grade 3
  3. Gifted and Talented:Grade 2 Reading, Writing, and Math
  4. Reading for the Gifted Student Grade 2 (they have a grade 3 as well)
  5. Literature Links:Activities for the Gifted Readers
  6. Challenging the Gifted Child:An Open Approach to Working with Advanced Young Readers
  7. Life in the Fast brain: Keeping Up with Gifted Minds
And K's
  1. The Drama of the Gifted Child
  2. Creative Activities for Gifted Readers (k-2): 50 dynamic Activities to Stimulate Creativity
  3. The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What do we know

Gifted Children

Last year our son was in the 1st grade. I had a hard time to just accept that he was Gifted. The boy is so smart he don't make anything other then 100's every teacher raved about him. So they tested him. Ok ya since pre-school we've had a heads up that it WAS coming. But I just hoped he'd just be a normal kid. Proud he's smart sure. But I wanted him to be normal is that so much to ask really? I get I should be the proud mom and I am but being a military brat that he is from a family of military brats and knowing how cruel kids can be and can be to the new kid on top of the exceptionally smart kids I DONT want that for my kid. I Said absolutely no skipping not gonna happen unless it is absolutely necessary. I get delt with ppl telling me thats harsh. But I know how kids treat kids that are different and it don't matter if they are good different or bad different.

Tonight was a "Gifted Child" meeting and it was made clear that even though I want them to be normal and I say them as my daughter is in kindergarten and hasn't been tested yet as their school dont test til the end of 1st grade. Some of the other schools in the district do however but not hers. The Gifted Teacher in charge of the kids said she is exceptionally gifted and thinks possibly more then her older brother. And warned that WILL cause more problems when she is tested and as they get older. She intentionally answers a question wrong and pretends she don't know when it is 100% clear that she does know she tells me. Well Duh I knew that, she does it when she gets nervous and then starts to act silly. So she tells me she is going to fall into the category of kids that don't want to be different and know they are. Our son has always known he was SMARTER then the other kids in his class all his teachers since preschool have told him such and he's okay with it. She on the other hand the Gifted Teacher who's had 16yrs of experience with gifted kids goes on to tell me that K is the opposite and her personality tells her its going to be trouble and feels obligated to give me a heads up that its going to be one hell of an emotional roller coaster for our daughter. I was like hello her dad's in Korea and well we are already on one and its been beyond hell to the point I got her a new bed and bed sheets and curtains and even a DS and her Nana gave me the money to get her a reader rabbit for kindergarden which is still on its way to me in the mail. The game that is. So She wrote down a lists of books that she says I must read to help all of us deal and learn how to cope and relate and help. And She gave me a booklist to read for our son as well to help him. Of course they did this with other kids who were 1st time welcome to the gifted children group. And we got to meet with other 1st time and existing parents and children.

If your a parent of a normal kid be thankful! Be very very thankful!! These kids after talking to them and to parents of multiple age groups and the gifted teachers go through a childhood that is beyond complicated and hard and we were told tonight to look around and then when the kids were off on their own in another room that ALOT of them will commit or attempt to commit suicide in highschool!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stitchy Update

Well I haven't stitched much since Hubby got home april 9th since I threw out my back 2 days later and dont get to see the doc until June 1st!! But b4 then I did have a bit to show and a finish.

The first is the Naptime Dragon by KK for the SAL.

Then 2nd is Avarice pg 2.

And the last is the Military Wife's Prayer. I'm still not too keen on the design but I do like the prayer for the most part. So with DH about to leave for a yr I bought and stitched it anyway. I do have a magnet for Sharlene for a magnet exchange about finished so I cant show a pic of it yet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Wife's Prayer

This is my wife's prayer project. Idk why but stitching it knowing DH leaves soon gives me a tiny bit of comfort and well even a tiny bit of comfort is a good thing atm. I had hoped to finish it this weekend but I made 3 huggies, pulled the thread for 2 of Dahlig's Sin's, and printed the color charts of the other Sin's and made a shopping list for each for their flosses. Plus we went to see Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief with the kids yesterday. Oh and I started stitching Avarice lol. So I didn't get it done this weekend but it will be done soon. The Huggies in the photo's are the ones I made this weekend.

Haed stitching Update

This one is Avarice by Dahlig and here's my progress on it since I got the pattern for the last 2 evenings of working on it. It's Dh's favorite and soon in a few weeks I'll start mine. Vanity.