Saturday, December 3, 2011

A finish and a Update

Ok so I finished it in Nov but havn't had a chance to post. I have been knitting lately. Well my sister let me barrow a knitting loom set she had bought to figure out how to use it to show her and because she knew I have been wanting to try them. So I have a few other things I did. I did 3 scarves and a pair of leg warmers for my daughter to wear to her dance class. And atm I am working on figuring out how to make letters in a scarf for my son that reads OU in the teams colors. my daughter who just turned 7 wanted to model the scarves. I'm being to lazy to go take a pic of the leg warmers I made her atm. The top pic is of her funny face! The 3 hotpads I made in a coffee/chocolate color. The pic comes no where near in doing the color justice.

This I forget the name but it was in the 2011 Halloween mag. I did the fabric myself. I only wish I could make several the same way because its AWESOME! I can't believe I did it and am proud of it.

I am also almost finished with my kitty I am stitching as well. She'll go with the reindeer with the gingerbread man on its back as a card holder when I get a few others done for it.