Thursday, October 27, 2011

I so want my own Mat Cutter-Xmas Gift Hint for loved ones too.

So I've been talking to the few ladies that I know specialize in custom framing. All 4 work at different places specialized in framing cross stitch pieces.

Framing all my stitched pieces is so expensive I have so many done and just sitting here waiting to be framed. With my own mat cutter I can by frames for most of them. But the professional mat cutters are so out of my price range. Talking thousands.

Out of all the models they separately recommended to me I quickly noticed the same 3 models on my list recommended by all 4 ladies. I've met them mostly through cross stitch shops or groups.


Logan 450-1 Artist Elite 40" Mat Cutter

Which works for most of my projects.


Logan 201 Oval & Circle Cutter - Trimmer

For obvious reasons. I have so many small pieces that are wonderful but the standard size oval pre cut mats in the stores are always just to small or to big. -,-

And then for my BAPS(big ass projects for my non stitchy friends and fam) this one was recommended.

Logan 760-1 Simplex Elite Mat Cutter 60"

Now while these are not the best money can buy I've been told by all 4 ladies that they will do what I want. Which is a professional look without the cost to get my pieces matted and on the wall or given as gifts..

I'll save my personal spending money from now until after Xmas the best I can. Which should end up being enough for the 450 if I don't end up needing it for the kids. The last few months I've been spending it all on the kids. I got to stop doing that and start using it for what it was meant to be for. And If I don't get one for Xmas. My love I hope your paying attention.... then I guess I will just have to buy the first 2 for myself. Now IF I get for Xmas then I can use my money to start framing my finished pieces.

I realize that some of my stitching friends might have other recommendations or comments on personal mat cutters. Feel free to leave them because I WILL wait until just after Xmas.

Yay a finish and a pic of Tarot Town

You can kinda see the cloud in the corner forming

Be Thankful by Diane Arthurs is finally finished. Ok so I stitched the whole thing only while playing Modern Warfare 2 on the ps3 with DH. I'd stitch during the mini intermissions which are normally less then a minute long and the matches last like 10-15 mins depending on which you play. I actually got alot of stitching done that way. I only started it like a month and a half ago.

Close up of the little bee's and the basket. I can't wait to get framed and hung in my kitchen. But it will have to wait until we have the $ or I can buy a mat cutter. Shops cost so much for what I can do for myself but I have no way to cut the mats. The rest is actually easy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Haed or Nene Thomas lovers.

If you didn't know Steven wrote a book that goes along with his wife's artwork. If you like to read fantasy and are a fan of Nene's art you should enjoy the book. Yes Nene helped with the book as well. I have the luck of running into Steven last yr at my husbands comic book shop. The owner is friends with them as far as when they were in school. I was reading it online and the owner of the store had a print out of it and was going to give it to. The book was on the way to the printers so I said I'd be patient and wait. Last month was my B-day. And I just got my copy of their book from Hubby. We went and picked it up today. However, look inside. They secretly worked together the 4 slick bunch of them. Hubby, the shop owner ( i know his name but I'm not sure if he'd appreciate me posting it to get lots of ppl to come into his store looking for his friends), Steven, & Nene to get me a SIGNED by BOTH of them copy of the book as my Bday gift! Well I just got it today because Steven and Nene have been out of town between the Ren Fair, Comic Con, and the other places they visit. We currently live in there home town so I got lucky meeting Steven by accident. I went into the store to pick up some of her art. I ended up getting 4 big matted prints and a md matted print and a calendar. Steven and Hubby were talking while I was busy with the kids in the store and when we went to pick em up all were signed to me by Nene!!!! I mentioned the Haed site to them and how cool it would be if they would allow her work to be done as a HAED last June and I don't know the details of their contract with them but I'm SOO Glad they did! Since my favorite pieces of her's I have matted and signed I havn't bought any of the HAED's yet. I have so many already to finish. But isn't wonderful! All because last June my Hubby got promoted and I got to spend his promotion money on artwork of my choice I accidentally ran into Steve I now have signed are and the signed book to go with it! Yup I'm bragging but I bet if you ACCIDENTALLY ran into one of your favorite artist's you would to. Below are pictures of the signed book. To think just yesterday I had said to Hubby that it would be nice to feel special and appreciated for all I do around here once in a blue moon. And today I feel just that!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Aug Vacation

I finally finished sorting the pics on the comp from our vacation so I could randomly upload some of them. Fam is welcome to stop by and see the rest on the comp if they like. Friends feel free to browse as you like. Leave comments if you feel like.

The ones from the kids first airplane trip is Here.
Maine pics are HERE.
Maine was AMAZING. BarHarbor was so much fun. Getting to go on the windjammer the Margaret Todd was so cool for our Sunset Cruise. Even if it was about 40 degress out on the water and we were soo cold. My back didnt act up once. And the Newfoundland sheep dogs that the owner lets onto the boat were as large as a small bear! We cuddled to stay warm. And it was worth it! Seeing Moose Crossing Interstate 1 was so funny. We never managed to take a picture of one of the signs but C bought me one. The whale watch cruise was, well nothing can really describe it. The pics are not at the best of times. But you try to watch whales, a 6 & 8 yr old, keep your footing and help them keep theirs on rough seas, keep distance from the sea sick ppl (if you do not know you have see legs take the sea sick pills ppl b4 getting on a boat!), and then stay still to let the camera focus when your in constant motion and the object of the picture is to. HAHA! There is nothing not to love. Even if the whale and puffin cruise was 20 degrees warmer then our Sunset Cruise we had to be up at 5am to get on our Whale and puffin cruise and on the way back to the dock we all cuddled up and slept on the yacht in the Atlantic Ocean. We napped on the Atlantic Ocean and it was the best nap ever!

We did take pics of the place we stayed in New Hampshire just 15 mins from the Hampton Beach water front. They Hotel had everything but I only took a few pics in the morning b4 we left because we wanted to get on the rode. They are HERE

Salem pics are HERE
And Salem blew me away. I knew it was gorgeous and rich in history. But no words relly work and seeing it yourself is the only way to capture it and really feel it. We learned so much about all sorts of things. Not just the Witch Trials but Pirates of the area through out history, And MANY MANY other things too. Oklahoma they said a few days ago on the news is in a 16month drought and green here isn't really green. Even in Bar Harbor I was in awe ppl were outside enjoying the outdoors. When we got to Salem the number tripled at least and the majority where JOGGING! Salem Willows is even more breath taking. If a house is up for sale when we retire from the Airforce if we can afford the place we are going to do what ever it takes to get it. Its that AMAZING! I didn't even take pics of that area well except a sea gull who was just checking out ppl as they jogged or walked by.