Thursday, October 27, 2011

I so want my own Mat Cutter-Xmas Gift Hint for loved ones too.

So I've been talking to the few ladies that I know specialize in custom framing. All 4 work at different places specialized in framing cross stitch pieces.

Framing all my stitched pieces is so expensive I have so many done and just sitting here waiting to be framed. With my own mat cutter I can by frames for most of them. But the professional mat cutters are so out of my price range. Talking thousands.

Out of all the models they separately recommended to me I quickly noticed the same 3 models on my list recommended by all 4 ladies. I've met them mostly through cross stitch shops or groups.


Logan 450-1 Artist Elite 40" Mat Cutter

Which works for most of my projects.


Logan 201 Oval & Circle Cutter - Trimmer

For obvious reasons. I have so many small pieces that are wonderful but the standard size oval pre cut mats in the stores are always just to small or to big. -,-

And then for my BAPS(big ass projects for my non stitchy friends and fam) this one was recommended.

Logan 760-1 Simplex Elite Mat Cutter 60"

Now while these are not the best money can buy I've been told by all 4 ladies that they will do what I want. Which is a professional look without the cost to get my pieces matted and on the wall or given as gifts..

I'll save my personal spending money from now until after Xmas the best I can. Which should end up being enough for the 450 if I don't end up needing it for the kids. The last few months I've been spending it all on the kids. I got to stop doing that and start using it for what it was meant to be for. And If I don't get one for Xmas. My love I hope your paying attention.... then I guess I will just have to buy the first 2 for myself. Now IF I get for Xmas then I can use my money to start framing my finished pieces.

I realize that some of my stitching friends might have other recommendations or comments on personal mat cutters. Feel free to leave them because I WILL wait until just after Xmas.

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