Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yay a finish and a pic of Tarot Town

You can kinda see the cloud in the corner forming

Be Thankful by Diane Arthurs is finally finished. Ok so I stitched the whole thing only while playing Modern Warfare 2 on the ps3 with DH. I'd stitch during the mini intermissions which are normally less then a minute long and the matches last like 10-15 mins depending on which you play. I actually got alot of stitching done that way. I only started it like a month and a half ago.

Close up of the little bee's and the basket. I can't wait to get framed and hung in my kitchen. But it will have to wait until we have the $ or I can buy a mat cutter. Shops cost so much for what I can do for myself but I have no way to cut the mats. The rest is actually easy.


  1. Both are looking fabulous. I love the little finish, and I love Tarot Town. It's on my HAED wishlist for someday. (When I have unlimited supplies and unlimited life. Yeah, that's gonna happen soon, lol.)

  2. My 9yr old wants me to stitch the fish world one for him. I told him to let me finish his dinosaur quilt first and at least one of the haeds I have going. He replied so you'll be done with it by the time I graduate college then.