Monday, January 2, 2012

Research and Creating

Well for months, more like half a yr, I've been waiting to get the Microsoft Office for a seriously reduced price through the military. The kids are creating their own Animal Studies research book for school. But all the pre-made teacher worksheets for elementary really suck. Some have some info you expect to see, others barely any, and even more have things who cares anything about. And most of them are 4 or more pages. I really disliked them. So today not that we finally have the Microsoft Office, Cecil put it on my comp last night, I printed all teacher Animal Report/Study worksheets and wrote down what I like about them and created my own. I'm pretty proud of them. Its 1 page front and back and all the information a kid needs. The back includes books read, webpages explored, fieldtrips, pictures. You know the fun stuff. :) And now they each have their Books(folders) to keep their information of their studies in. This way they can build on it throughout the school year and many yrs to come.

I know when I was going to school I would have liked to have had my research projects  and papers saved. Lmao some of the ones I did in High School I saved and I got to use them for College! Ok so they needed a little revising but it saved a lot of time. I still have a few even though I am out of College because you do so much work and its nice to be able to go back and look at what you've learned and done. 

Anyway, I'm Proud of them but if someone thinks of some thing I missed just speak up. :) After all there is always room for improvements.

And here is the back

Animal Study

Books Read


Websites Visited


Videos/Other Media Explored


Field Trips Taken



Created my own Animal Studies worksheet for the kids

This is the front. I don't think I left anything off…


Animal Study


Who Named It

Scientific Name

What it means








How it eats




When it lived





Interesting facts



Life Cycle