Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the ones that got ruined.

A realization

Well I realize that the projects I have off to the side I've only managed to finish 2 so far this yr. They were the ones I wanted to make the most progress. Hopefully, by the end of the night I will have another Finish but it also is not on my list. Now I have some that are older WIPS the I am a thousand winds is one of them that will have to be restarted. The Mandala I forget the name that is in the new JCS Halloween book/mag will also have to be restarted. Silly earthquakes. I think when I am done with the one I am almost done with I will start on the Winter Silhouette and work on the Stars and Stripes and try to get that finished up b4 xmas. I also need to work on my xmas card holder and get that put together. The reindeer I have stitched up will be its top and I wanted to stitch a few smaller designs to put on the alligator clips themselves. I have to find the clips I bought when I finished the piece. I was waiting for the xmas ribbons to be put back on the shelves. 

I also would like to learn how to make hair bow clips. I will try to see when I have the time to find some free tutorials online. But if anyone already knows a good site I'd be glad to have it. And I need to finish hand sewing my sons Dino quilt hopefully b4 the yr is out as well. I need more hrs in a day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Really :(

Well first we have not 1 but 2 quakes. 2 pieces of fabric I was switching between at the time of the 2nd completely ruined that where on PTP fabric. Then thunder storms and even tornados this evening. Top end the night another quake. So we've had a 4.7, 5.6, & another 4.7. USGS says to expect quakes from anywhere to a few wks to a few months. A quake when the ice storm hits the house will buckle. It's almost buckled once from the weight of ice. Caused several cracks everywhere. Ice n a quake combined we'll be out of a home. Yup I wanna grab a blanket n hide in my bed. It's been that kind of wkend. But no was watching Terra Nova with the kids and DH and now the kids r in bed and watching Castle and stitching on a diff Halloween piece I had in the works. I still have a few from the new Halloween mag I want to do.

Yay now hail. Going back to stitching.