Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A realization

Well I realize that the projects I have off to the side I've only managed to finish 2 so far this yr. They were the ones I wanted to make the most progress. Hopefully, by the end of the night I will have another Finish but it also is not on my list. Now I have some that are older WIPS the I am a thousand winds is one of them that will have to be restarted. The Mandala I forget the name that is in the new JCS Halloween book/mag will also have to be restarted. Silly earthquakes. I think when I am done with the one I am almost done with I will start on the Winter Silhouette and work on the Stars and Stripes and try to get that finished up b4 xmas. I also need to work on my xmas card holder and get that put together. The reindeer I have stitched up will be its top and I wanted to stitch a few smaller designs to put on the alligator clips themselves. I have to find the clips I bought when I finished the piece. I was waiting for the xmas ribbons to be put back on the shelves. 

I also would like to learn how to make hair bow clips. I will try to see when I have the time to find some free tutorials online. But if anyone already knows a good site I'd be glad to have it. And I need to finish hand sewing my sons Dino quilt hopefully b4 the yr is out as well. I need more hrs in a day.

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