Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who's rdy for 2011? Stitching update

Not me!

Well I decided for 2011 I'll be working mostly on just my WIP's/UFO's and my Haed's.
I have the floss and fab for my Vanity. But I really need to get a piece no smaller then 31x41" 25ct for my Tarot Town and after I do I will work on getting the floss put together for that. I also have everything for my Not Forgotten but I can't seem to find where I put it all! -,- I'm sure I will as I get everything together. Cleaning out and sorting through my stitching stuff today so if I don't find it today I'll find it this wk at least.

I'll try as I pull them out over the nxt yr to take pics of my WIP's and UFO's. But I will only be doing that as I work on them.

I think it will help get things done at least the big things if I put them in their own folders as I do it. I hope at least haha! Well break time over time to get back to work.