Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stitchy Update

Well I haven't stitched much since Hubby got home april 9th since I threw out my back 2 days later and dont get to see the doc until June 1st!! But b4 then I did have a bit to show and a finish.

The first is the Naptime Dragon by KK for the SAL.

Then 2nd is Avarice pg 2.

And the last is the Military Wife's Prayer. I'm still not too keen on the design but I do like the prayer for the most part. So with DH about to leave for a yr I bought and stitched it anyway. I do have a magnet for Sharlene for a magnet exchange about finished so I cant show a pic of it yet.


  1. That is a lovely piece Bren - and so appropriate too.

  2. Thanks. It was a bit of a pain to stitch with only 2 colors used though. But its PTP fabric I had got for an exchange and the stormy/grey feel of it seemed more fitting then a clear blue. Plus you cant tell in the pic but its the crystal so its really sparkly. I have it and the Mom in time out to finish into something. Well the Mom in time out I think I'll do as a door hanger to my stitching room. But I think I'm tearing down the icky wood paneling in there so I can fix the wall and paint the room. The room needs a face a lift as is stuck in 50's atm.