Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things and CRY more designers packing it in.

Well my laptop has officially met its match. It has too much trouble loading almost anyweb page with all the updates and new technology all these sites use now. We can't afford, well it isn't logical for us to spend $2,500 to buy a laptop to do what and have what I need it to do. I have to go and find all my stitching programs and see if its compatable with the new windows 7. But for the price of a desktop with what I need in it, a desk, and the deskchair I could have bout 2 of everything and still been around $600 under what it would cost for a laptop to do the same. =( So ya not logical to replace my laptop. I have to learn to use a desktop and just typeing on such a large keyboard is a pita!! But it works and I'll learn but will be aggravated with it for awhile. And until I can find my stitching programs I'll be even more pissed at the fact that my 5yr old laptop that kept up so wonderfully til the middle of this yr that technology finally surpassed it. =(

And yet again I'm sad to see another designer close her door. If we keep losing 1 designer a month whats going to happen? I'm starting to wonder when the rest will go. Will we end up with nothing to stitch and gawk at or drool over? Who's next?! Come on designers stick with us lots of ppl need you n love you and your just giving up!!! WTF come one now fight it ='(

PLEASE!!!! Turn them comps back on get them needles going again. ='( Bah childrens books. Retiring, unable to afford it.. I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR EXCUSSES IF YOU ASKED FOR HELP I BET A TON OF US STITCHERS WOULD DO WHAT EVER WE COULD TO HELP.


cry ='(

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