Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mon & Tues

Brayden(7) wasn't feeling well over the wkend. But was feeling just fine come Monday when we went to see Nana at the Omni Plex aka Science Museum. We showed Cecil where she works and went and took the kids around until she got off and watched the Planetarium show with her and walked around for a short bit longer.

Here he is watching the marble thing he gravitates to no matter how many times he see's it.

Here Kalista(6) swiped Cecil's hat. Haha I love this pic he looks so not like him in it! They both love Chuck. I should have gotten her a hat too for xmas!

Here she is in the Tractor. She was so sweet waiting for the 2 kids that were in it when she went up the stairs to it to get out. After 15mins or longer of standing on the stairs waiting. She wanted to wait tho so I waited with her. 3 little brats ran up the stairs once the 2 kids got out and pushed her out of the way. Yup me being me I scooped em up n told them it was her turn and they had to wait. They didn't like that and 1 ran and got her mom. I told her mom what they did not that she cared her 12yr, 11, &8 yr old were pushing a 6yr old. I swear parents r so damn lazy these days.

Here is the butterfly I painted on her cheak. Not very good I know. But she loved it so I'm happy!

Here is Cecil looking more like himself vs making a funny face at me and Kalista on Tues afternoon. He was playing ps3 and she curled up on his arm and he ate it up proud daddy that he is. And she feel asleep! Poor thing was sick and wanted to watch her daddy shot things. I had her in the bed with me while reading ShadowFever but she just wanted her Daddy.

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