Friday, January 14, 2011

New stash and Fabric Ordered

Well I ordered these with the fabric to for my Tarot Town Haed. I have fabric for all 3 of these so I will start them soon b4 some of my other ones that I still have to buy fabric for. I think I'll end up starting the Be Thankful and the Winter one first. I also have the fabric for DH's Stars and Strips to that I can start. Ok ya I'll never get them all done and some of the others I picked out of my stash to do will go on the back burner again but I like them and it gives me a better mix of things to work on when I have the time.

I do have, ok no idea whats up with the underlines or why they disappeared the button wasnt clicked. Ok anyway, I do have progress of my Greek Mandala but I will post it tomorrow. DH has lunch with his brother and shopping with his mother today so I'll have time alone while he's out doing that. Well the kids might be home when he shops with his mother will see what happens. I hope to get alot done in that time. Other then getting on the threadmill and of course my shower afterward I have nothing I have to do today. So yay stitch day! Trying to get in as much time doing what I want to do as I can b4 he leaves back to Korea and still spend lots of time with him and the kids too.

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