Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Avarice Update

Well as of last wk I had all this done even with DH here. I guess I do get more stitching done with him around then without. I took the pic with my Iphone so it isn't actually the best pic lol but wow! A few more stitches to the right side of her face and then she will have most of the face done. The rest of it isn't until um page9 haha so it will be awhile as I'm working all the way acrossed first. Putting her away for awhile. All the brown is killing me doing a pg a month. At that rate it'll be yrs b4 she's done so I need to speed it up if possible. Going to the local LNS tomorrow for some silk thread for my Greek Mandala and will look to see if they have fabric suitable for my Tarot Town. It will be so nice if I can just go between the 3 pieces. The Tarot Town one is so colorful and so different from all the brown and yellow of Avarice. Funny thing is that when I went and put her away and got out my Greek Mandala for the "class" I wanted to just work on Avarice! Oh well. Only plan on taking a break from her for maybe a few days to a wk as I do want to get this pg done this month.


  1. Thanks Terri. I can't wait to get back to her. I think I'll work on Tarot Town til the wkend at least and get back to work on her.