Friday, October 23, 2009

OMG. Its illegal and they smell... and on the other hand if I report it it will for certain cause problems

I LOVE animals. And for about a yr now off and on the front of our house smells like cat shit. The first time I smelled it I thought wow damn our litter boxes need an extra change as we have 4 INSIDE cats. And then started to notice as the days go by the kittens. A few wks after that DH was talking to the neighbor next door and found out she had another litter of kittens. Surely I thought there was confusion and it was the same litter. Now the white truck the drive way is in is not my nieghbors yard but the yard next to it. our neighbors yard. well let me just take a picture..

ok the bottom picture you see that big bush.. ya no. That pic was taken from my front door behind that mass of bushes and trees is an old lady's house!! An ENTIRE HOUSE! And in the pic you can see the house next to it with the white truck. That's only a 3rd of the cats in these pictures! This women has at least 3 dozen cats. We live in the city and the law is 4 pets per household. I am sick of the smell of them and the smell from her house! But calling animal control with the amount of cats she has theyd get put to sleep based on how much room the shelter has for them. And 2ndly this women is LOVED by the neighbors. They all grew up and bought the surrounding homes. All our neighbors lived here when they were kids and grew up with this women. So Calling animal controll would cause real issues too. I just dont know what to do!! Normally you only see like 2 or 3 at a time. This time some were in this drive way, some in the drive way with the white truck and some on the empty lot on the other side of this womens house as well. Guess I should have taken a picture of all 3 spots. But OMG!!!

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  1. OMG - that is just awful - we have two cats in both houses next door - making four cats who are in the area - that's bad enough, sometimes the smell of cats gets through - that number must be appalling :o(