Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet living room afghan

I did this the end of Dec to the beginning of Jan actually. But a friend who won't get blogger but checks my blog *you know who you are silly goose, I know you will look for this tonight* pointed out I never shared a pic. Most of the colors on my wall are all water like hues from greens to blues. When I saw the yarn out shopping with my sister it reminded me of the colors of the ocean we saw from Bar Harbor, Maine to Salem, Mass. and it's soo soft and cuddly!! I laid it out on our king size bed to take a pic. I didn't mean to make it so big haha! But I love it! I started a simple shawl to go with it for when I'm cold and stitching or at the comp but I haven't worked on it since Jan. I've just been too busy.

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