Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok well I didn't have the best seat at the wedding. I had a specific spot in order to catch all 4 of the little kids in the wedding party. But thats my little girl in blue. She had to be special and wanted the blue dress vs the white one when my new SIL, my SIL, and I took the girls to pick the flower girl dresses. And the little man standing next to her is my boy. He was to intrested in the ring that was tied onto the pillow. -_-

I'll finish Eek by tonight for sure and maybe start on the next one or work the border down some more. I havn't decided just yet.

I some how lost the chart page i had highlighted so I actually have to print a copy again and go back and rehighlight all that i've done. Even though it is repetitive it's still nice to see where I am on it. I think I may do that this week. I really havn't worked on it since July. Just been too busy to get it out. And Iris is peaking through a tiny bit in the back as I'm washing the pillowcases I normally have over my scrolls today.

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