Monday, August 31, 2009

New couch!!

Ok so I've been on DH case lately as I've herd the "when we move (we've moved yrs ago remember and it was b4 that, I'll get to it, next paycheck, next month, we'll look when I'm off" BS that men give us when they know you want/need something for the house that they don't feel is a prioity or feel they just don't want to spend the money on it. In our case its been the old couch. We've had this couch since our first place and well I won't count the number of military moves its made. Or the number of times a baby has had a mishap of some biological sort on this couch. And to boot after all the abuse this old couch has taken over the years including someone sitting on it and BREAKING a board in the bottom. Its been a great couch. But now it actually hurts my back horribly to just sit on the thing!
I let it go on for so long because 1. other things keep breaking in this old house we bought. I love old houses and I love ours but man did the lady not keep it up, so it was a money thing. 2. well theres so many memories with the old one. But last week got over it. I sat down to stitch and within 20 mins or so I was up again doing something else and noticed I'm sitting on the floor vs sitting on the couch! I'm not supposed to do that with my back according to doc's. So we looked and looked. And we've looked many times over the years but as you can see from the pic our living sits in an L and well the part for the couch and tv is SMALL. We had 1 couch over there and if all 4 of us sat on the couch it was a bit tight. Which wasn't so much of a deal when the kids were smaller. So despite the space we decided that if we found a non bulky sectional that was comphy and I LOVE PILLOWS that we'd close off the door for the time being after all behind it is our bedroom anyway we'd get one. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD that is to find!!.
So when I put my foot down DH was ok we are stopping in this lil furniture store on the way to eat out for dinner. And there it was. it was a very light brown and SOLD =( and the guy was there is another. A darker brown one. Also SOLD. =( So we were walking around to browse and found hidden away the black one we got. Normally I wouldn't go for black or white but it works. We can all sit on it. And have room. And guest can sit and watch tv. And the little black ottomen has my stitching stuff INSIDE. That I picked up at wal mart though for $20.
Anyway, I got my couch and we can all fit. WOOT I don't have to kick everyone off the couch to stitch as now there is plenty of room!!!!!

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