Monday, August 10, 2009


Well honestly atm I'm not feeling well. I think I've got a nerve pinched in my low back, it will work itself out I'm sure of it. The stress of it being to HOT that the AC can not keep up let alone the kids stuck inside the last few months because of it. I think its ALL taken its toll and since its been a day to relax it's doing funky things to me. It's been nothing but almost 2 months of breaking up arguements over toys or what movies to go see. Even taking them out to the theater as there is nothing else to do with a 4 n 6 yr old here, as our local library sucks so bad, had proven a challege the few times I've taken them. And of course the big wedding that had just finally happened after years of waiting. Well if it happened earlier it would have been to the wrong women so I can't complain to much as he finally got the right one snagged, bagged, and now tagged. =)

At least now my brother is FINALLY married!!! This wedding I tell you has been in the works for 3 long painful years. Well up until last December it was going to be the wrong one who was horrible for him and to him and fought like hell to keep him away from family. It took alot of getting him to see what he already knew in his heart and mind that he REALLY REALLY had the perfect one for him pinning for him and she however wouldn't say anything to him as we all got put on the sidelines due to the witch that tried so hard to wreck his life. But the end of last year he woke up and ditched the witch and afterward (which is always best) realized the love of his life was really the best friend of his youngest sister. So not wasting anytime they got engaged in a matter of a what maybe 2months of dateing. And now b4 the year is up they are married and have their own place. Ah... its really a pair made in heaven and a fairytale. But weddings and family coming in and then them leaving is all very stressful. But it was great to see some of them. And well I wanted to hurt one in particular. But, thats the way weddings go I suppose. I've never been happier that DH and I skipped all that then I am now!!!!! Ok yea so we didn't get but one wedding gift which was from a grandmother. But OMG it was well worth not dealing with a wedding and family and this wedding proved that to me! We thought about renewing at 10yrs and doing the whole thing but oh no! No way will I go through all that. Even as just having my kids in this one and helping out and attending. NO WAY!

My little ones start school on thursday I so can not wait! I have been able to stitch here and there but not very much. I'll post pics at some point this week. But for now I'm going to start on the Boo Club by Lizzie Kate with a big thanks to the ANGEL that sent it to me. Not sure if she wants to be named or not so I'll leave that up to her. ;) I've gotten the first 3 charts, the fabric to stitch it on, and the threads. So I'm starting the boarder and the first one tonight. I might just finish part of the boarder and the first one tonight as it don't look very complex and looks like a quick stitch. That and it's only 9pm and I've gotten used to going to bed at 4am. Which tonight would be my last day to stay up so late as I've got to get on the kids schedule for school after all. Bought LOTS of coffee for that purpose though. So I'll have pics of that this week along with a few other things.

Oh I also finished all but 2 of the 9 puppets for the kids. I'll have to see if I can get the kids to round them all up for a picture when I take pics of the progress of the stitching. They just love those things.

OMG how can I forget. My 8th wedding anniversary is Thursday as well! We have absolutely no plans other then to be alone while the kids are at school and he'll make dinner. It's going to be a day we completely lock ourselves up while the kids are at school even though our girl goes only half a day. And then just relax at home. Hmmm, I smell a water balloon fight in the air after school. And what luck I have about 500 water balloons already. Hopefully, it wont be so hot outside as it has been.

OK off to stitch!

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  1. Hi Bren I hope you and hubby have a wonderful wedding anniversary,water balloon fight sounds very exciting the kids should get a lot of fun out of that....xo