Friday, May 13, 2011


Well as of Tues I think it will be a few wks like 2, maybe. I've kinda lost track thanks to painkillers. Anyway, back to the pic I re-fractured an old boxers fracture on my right hand. I never let it heal right the first as 13 yrs ago I was young n about as smart as I am now haha! No but really casts and I do not mix at all and I then tried to remove the cast causing my boxers fracture to look like a mutilated spiral fracture. As a result my pinkie finger curls acrossed my other fingers when I make a fist as it has been crooked since. I managed to um sneak out of the Dr's office b4 he casted it. Well no I ran out. Childish yes but with C gone and how I am with casts its better to leave it since it is set and keep it wrapped up.

My back was out almost all wk this wk. I've only woken to get the kids rdy and off to school and back to bed until they got home from school. Then of course I'd stay up til their bed time and then we'd all go to bed at the same time.  I do have other updates and I'll try to catch them up over the nxt wk. Things have been pretty busy here since my last post in Feb.

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