Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kalista's Dance recital Costumes

Well she don't have her shoes on that go with the costumes and the tights haven't come in yet. There is a pair for each costume. I have to still buy her Jazz shoes. The first one(yellow/orange) is her Ballet Combo class recital. The 2nd (pink/black) is for Tap combo class. And the last is for her Jazz/hiphop combo class. Yup my little 6yr old is keeping up with school, Karate(2nd degree yellow belt), & a Ballet & Tap combo dance class along with her Jazz/hiphop class! She is begging me to let her add Cheerleading as well but I tell her NO! Between My son's Gifted program at school and both of them in Karate and her dance its enough for me to keep up. Maybe when she's a little older. Oh and my son says I have to add he's 7 and is a 3rd degree yellow belt haha! His Bday is a few wks away and testing for his orange belt in March. They are both on the way young side for orange belt but they want to try for it so they both test in March. Kalista will most likely go to 3rd or 4th degree yellow and I think my boy will likely get 4th degree yellow but WHO KNOWS! They are so amazing! I'm so proud of them Both!

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