Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mill Hill Pirate

I did this piece for my son. He saw it when we were in Cross Stitch Haven and asked that I make it for him so here it is. It came with a magnet but I think I will pick up a bigger one nxt time I'm in WalMart. Which will be soon.

On call for Kalista's class party tomorrow. This wk is going to be an insanely busy wk. Class party's tomorrow for both kids. B's school play, the normal Karate & dance for the kids. We are going to the Grill Thurs I think. And I have to take B to pick out what flavor cake and icecream he wants for his bday party. Going to take them to see Gnomeo this wkend for his bday to. Depending on how the wk goes I may call and see if one of his friends can go. I so don't want to know how much the late fee for Kalista's dance because of the blizzard & snow storm is going to run. But I will just keep in mind it is better to pay the late fee then it would be getting into an accident to try to pay it on time. It's due on the 1st when the blizzard came in. So figured I'd pay it when she goes to dance nxt which will be this wk. Busy busy wk. looking fwd to breakfast with the ladies in the morn. I hope they will be there even tho its Vday. I could really use a breakfast with friends tomorrow.

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