Friday, May 13, 2011

Since Feb

Well my son is now an orange belt in Karate! My daughter has the knowledge to join him as an orange belt but she's only 6 and would have to spar and compete against 8-12yr olds. So they talked to her and me and decided its best she go from 2nd degree yellow to 4th degree yellow. Another little girl the only other 1 around her age and rank would have gone from 2nd degree yellow to 3rd degree yellow but she felt left out as they are friends so my daughter took a belt down and she took a degree up so they are now both 4th degree yellow belts that way they have someone to spar and practice with. And they are friends so of course its what the girls wanted so it all worked out.  When the nxt season starts up end of May the two girls will have to focus on strength as well they will both at the end of the nxt season rank up to orange and get stuck facing a much much older group of kids. All the others the girls age is a degree of white or a 1st degree yellow.  Poor things they work so hard and kept pace better then alot of the older kids.

My daughter has also been very busy learning Phonics as her kindergarten teacher wasn't teaching it.  In our state its mandatory! So I made them give her tutoring for it and we've been reading to daddy over skype. Oh and she's been reading to our dog and to other dogs at the local library. Its so cute and she has alot more confidence. She can read at a 1st grade lvl almost to a 2nd grade lvl now because I threw a fit. Something I wish other parents would do along with pay attention to what they are learning and are supposed to be learning in school.

We will be homeschooling both kids nxt yr so I've spent alot of time the last few months comparing curriculum and state standards across the USA. That way when we move to a different state we dont get too screwed over. Our Ele school is closing because the college wants it and they offered a pretty price. The college is letting them keep the kids on the property for 1-3 yrs. But they wont sign a contract so its more of an "at our will you will leave". Kids deserve better then that. I went to college for teaching and I got a job that I quit the beginning of this school yr for Kindergarten so for a teacher I can either go back to 24 kids a day or just my own 2. I choose my own 2. Seems best all around.

My daughter also has her first recital soon. We just did recital pics this wk I can not wait to see how they turned out!

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