Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The BOO is what my son picked out b4 Cecil left for Korea. He wanted because his nickname is Boo. I finally finished it a few days ago.

The little diet pieces I did out of a magazine. I thought they were just too cute and I need more magnets. Haha, they are not made into magnets yet but they are stitched! They didn't take long to stitch up and I used the fabric my 7yr daughter dyed for them.

I've been working on my Greek Mandala yesterday and today. Making good progress. It's been a while since I worked on it and I'd like to get it finished before the yr is out so I can start the Serengeti Mandala. I'm waiting for fabric for Sleepy Hollow and for the Serengeti Mandala. Seems Silkweavers is taking a long time. A piece I guess was lost and they resent it but now waiting for this big order from them it's got me very stressed that it's not here yet. It's over $100 worth of fabric! I love the company and I'm sure it will get here soon. Or I'll talk to them about it.

A lot going on here and still recovering from surgery.


  1. Cute little stitches, Bren. And your Greek Mandala looks fabulous. Good job!!

  2. Thanks Julie. I'll be adding more of the Greek manadla later today. Posted a few onto the UFO blog.